Back in Black

Last Update: May 01, 2018

I just returned late on 1 May from my "Sabbatical"and it is good to be home again. I enjoyed my time visiting and exploring someof the Internet’s darkest pits and climbing to the top of the ‘Net and seeing agolden sunrise.

I spoke with gurus, the rich, poor, common, the beggars,thieves, the honest and a couple of animals. I delved deep into my inner space,seeking enlightenment from inside, read myriad articles and watched some of thebest and most outrageous get rich quick scheme videos available. I sought andhave gotten advice from (hopefully) perfect strangers. I even asked childrenfor advice. (And, by the way, their advice is probably the most valuable and definitelymore powerful than most of the gurus).

I spent a full 24 hours listening to Mother Earth speakgently and quietly.

And if you have managed to keep reading all the way to thispoint, let me close by saying Thank you to each one of you here at WealthyAffiliates for the support you have given me.

Now, let’s get back to work, shall we?



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