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Due to ”popular demand” I will try to create a series of short tutorial posts answering some technical questions I have been asked here at WA.(Some of the questions will probably be answered within the certification training as well, but I’m sure these short posts will also come in handy here for people looking for quick answers to these questions.) How you can add images to certain places within your WordPress site varies depending on your theme. In this tutorial I will show
This is my first ever blog post here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have several more technically oriented posts in mind, but this came to my mind today from two things that have happened lately. One is my personal one and another that has to do with WA in general.About a week ago I hurt my eye a bit in the forest. A spruce branch hit me in the eye while walking down a narrow path. After a while I started feeling like I have something in my eye, while when I looked I couldn’t find anything. The