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Last Update: May 13, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I have not been able to work on here for a bit I have been very busy in my business. But it is Sunday today everyone has left & i have time to concentrate on here for a while.I am stuck again!!! I cannot move on from trying to add some affiliate links to my website now. I have added a couple from Bluebella But It is just saying Safari cannot open the page I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it is very frustrating I have put forward A question Just waiting to see if anyone can help me out with this. I really need to get passed this bit & try to get noticed a bit more. Has anyone else had this problem?

Anyway I am sure I will get through this bit! I am still really enjoying it & one day I hope to make a bit of money that would be good!.I will let you know how it works out & if anyone needs any help from me please let me know Or if you would just like to chat I don,t mind.

See you soon.


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MojalefaR Premium
Good morning, Susan. Thanks very much for sharing your frustration. I have had a similar problem, but not with attaching affiliate links, but in responding to correspondence from the community. When Safari has done that, I always open another link or correspondence or simply wait awhile. I have noticed that that helps.

All the best
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Sue.