What Drives you to Keep learning?

Last Update: May 08, 2017

Being a Psychic, and Distances Claravoyant, of which are just two of Hundreds of abilities that I own inside that I do not disclose, Teach, or share with the public, but that help me to form, and govern my world to getting what I need to helping others. When Donald trump signed on to take over as the person who would find his way to solving our Nations problems of Financial, and Work related Problems. This startled me to the core of my being. To the point that I started last year to find other ways that I could make a living while still living in my home, and not depending upon the Governments money of which I have been depending upon to live with as a source of income.

SSI does not pay for all of My many health care needs I discovered this 35 years ago. That is how long I have been looking for something that would help me work in my home since I am limited in what I am able to do physically. So when Trump ran for the GOP. I ran to my laptop, got connected then started seriously searching for a Home Based Business I could from my Passion in the Paranormal, and make enough money from sales or Videos on Youtube that I could do in my spare time that I could get off of SSI Permenantly. This has been my goal for the past year.

Then I found WAH-institute for The Membership fee of $97.00 which was managable, but did dig into my savings. Then less than a week later People claiming to help me further were sent from WAH-institute to help me do a better job. Yet after I signed up, I found out that this latest ecommeres University LLC as they called themselves were not exactly what I was looking for in a University. Now I had $250.00 a month to pay off within 2.2 years. So again I kept looking for an online way to do business, and started looking into affiliate Marketing. Since this other school was also using it, but the couching was so sparc.

Then I happened to do a Search in Google, where Wealthy Affiliate.com was shown at the top of Google Search. When I did some digging, and read what they could offer, and at the Free level, and then at $19.00 for the first month. Then $49.00 there after, and I could stop at any time without any heavy contracts. That sold me right then, and there. Then for the next few weeks I dove right into each days studies like a hungry person, and there I found people all over the place who were willing to answer my many questions on a varitety of topic. I became more, and more, and more innamered into the program of learning from all of these many teachers who created this University that teaches people on how to get from point A to Point Z at the speed of Your willing to go at.

That has pushed me forward to this day that I am now working on my website, and almost ready to be taken out to be ranked by Google soon as a few more days. All I have to do it get my other real .com website not just a blog, and get it on to google for the first time. Then add the banners for a few Affliates that are within my niche that I have ready now. That will hopefully get me to point B on the scale of life.

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great post ..thank you Susan
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Knowledge rejuvenates your life and career!