Epyphaney learning to Making Content with higher Intuition Part:1

Last Update: May 16, 2017

After waking up this morning with an Epyphaney to write down " sell my Knowledge for money online on my hand [ and I know that it is unsafe for to write on ones hand small krib notes, because pen ink has a tiny amount of liquid lead in the base for thickness agent in the ink] so I wouldn't forget it till I transfered the information onto paper when I was fully awake.

Though when I did transfer it down and cleaned my hand later. What I found out was that as www.techstars,com/content/entrepreneur-resources/6-different-formats-sell-knowledge-online/ say. You will all have to read this for yourselves. For there is way too much there that makes to explain without making a full book. Then they led me to www.//contently.com that I joined and downloaded their ebook onto my computer which explained that I could be using analitic's of consumers that helps me as a marketer to learn without sounding creepy/weird on how to make my content sound more targeted for those logistics that are about the customer whom I am targeting so that I get 760% more revenues from that data to send the right email, at the right time, to the right person, and that increases the email revenue of sales by 760% over conventional content.

I would recommend stay curious, keep learning, and researching on how content can be improved, for there is always new writers on content that are needed but that also have further education in the psychology of analitic's, and lagistic's of marketing products for the end user to buy these that they are looking for within that niche of solving a problems. That is why your niche is so important in content writing, because once we learn how to do the right content writing for a given person's needs that they want to solve within our niche that we want to do the solving by selling that product that will do the solving by that product for the customer. Then we have done our Business in helping the customer to get that needed product as a broker, and can be paid handsomely for it too.

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MKearns Premium
Yes Susan a niche is most effective in directing and jelling your content!
Susan11 Premium
Thanks, Mike I appreciate that comment. I learned that this morning after I got up late. Good Luck to you on your venture.