Epyphaney learing to make content with higher intuition Part 2

Last Update: May 17, 2017

When I think of Epyphaney's I also think back on the many so called strange dreams that I have had to wake up from that gave me an Idea I didn't write down, ad later I found it was given to me for a good reason. Then I regretted it, because I later got the notice within some future time of seeing, hearing, or noticing that point that was brought up and became an important issue for many people. So now I have by my bed a pad, pen, and a small lamp that I turn on put on my glasses, then write the most important words down that describe what it was that I needed to remember.

Sometimes it is on my hand, but I haven't done that since last monday, knowing about the lead. So now I take my pad upstairs with me when I go to bed. I never know when the inspiration will hit me in the middle of the night, and why it hits me that way in a strange odd, weird dream that doesn't make any sense at all, but then the Epyphanyey hits me right after it ends. Then I write it down every time, and transfer it to a blog, or a note pad, or something that will later be there to regain that inspiritation.

Sometimes it is about pictures on pinterest on a cirtain subject. Later I find that these flashes of inspiration are my subconscious telling me that I need to prepare for this later need on these pictures, even though at the time I never quite understand why I need to collect them in such a ferosity and in such large amounts, but it is always what hits me at the time when I collect these things. Later I see my wisdom was right on the head of a nail with one stroke of genius, and I am glad I collected these Images, or Items that will be needed in the future, even though it makes my pinterest page look abit cluttered, and my home as well, but them I am in poverty right now, and these tiny gems just might be something very important for getting me off of SSI.

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