Avoid the shiny object syndrome

Last Update: June 08, 2015

Hey there! How has the going be with your effort to make it online? Any head way? Just felt I should pop in here and warn you about a ""killer disease" in business (online or offline), it is called the shiny object syndrome.

Wonder what this (SOS) is? It refers to a nature in which new things appeal to you to such an extent that you abandon a process you are presently involved in.

You see, entrepreneurs by their very nature, see opportunity at every turn. They look to make things better, meet a need, provide a cheaper alternative or fix a problem. It’s not a lack of ideas that holds business owners back from achieving their goals and dreams, but having too many ideas to choose from and don’t know which to start.


Do you move away from a project before completion simply because you get new ideas on a different project?

Are you always confused on which of the online business model you should dabble into?

What of a situation where you are easily attracted to virtually everything “painted good” on the internet?

How often do you procrastinate in starting an idea?

Or maybe you leap from one tool or application to another hoping to get some bigger or better result?

If you have all these traits/nature, then, know that you are suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome


1. Incomplete Work/Activities: Simply put, you will have lot of abandoned projects and ideas. None will be completed, thus no result.

2. Frustration: You may be enjoining the GAME of buying this, joining that at the beginning, however, at a point in time you will be frustrated because you wouldn’t know where to start and on what to start.

3. Information: Overload: This is the resultant effect of too many ideas. Its through that Variety is the spice of life but it (variety) can also be dangerous. Your ability to make quick and decisive decisions is lowered because there are so many options, causing anxiety at making an incorrect decision or no decision at all.

4. Dejection: Because you don’t have headway as a result of frustration and information overload, you will definitely feel dejected; and

5. Resignation: Quit


1. BE FOCUSED: Too much choice causes indecision. If you don’t make a decision you can’t be certain of what the future holds out for you. The failure to make a decision is often by bouts of procrastination. Followed by guilt for procrastinating, followed of course by yet more procrastination. Avoid being distracted on a chosen course.

2. SET THE FILTER: The lack of ability to sieve ideas and information should be overcomed. This could be done by deciding on who to listen to, where to seek information and advice and when to request for same. Fortunately, one of the best place to get free qualitative help is WA. Congratualtions you are a member.

3. BE RESOLUTE: Pursue a cause to the end. Avoid distraction and stand by your decision. No matter how bright new business models/ideas are, try and complete an ongoing project before venturing into new ones. You should know that what makes you to abandon the first one will surely lead to not completing the other ones. That is, follow one course until successful.

4. CONSULT YOUR INNER SELF: Simply put meditate over te issue at hand and take to whatever your mnd guide you to.


It isn’t a crime to have shiny object syndrome, its normal. It’s not fatal, but you do have to treat it.


If you quit here, you’ll never really be cured of shiny object syndrome and you’ll be sentencing yourself to lifelong sentence of never really getting the results you wanted

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DustyS Premium
You hit the nail on the head surecash. I was guilty my first try. But more disciplined now. Thanks for the reminder.
surecash Premium
You are welcome. We are all guilty at one time or the other. In fact I have over 300 products bought as a result of this syndrome. Though now turning my weakness to strength.

They are now good materials for my products
nurse1 Premium
surecash Premium
try and get out of it