SO What we stumble but we will get up again , right

Last Update: July 27, 2014

SO we stumble yes sometimes we do, and it is part of our journeys.Whether in our personal lives or in building our sites.But how do we carry on???

HERE are several ways might help you in coping with it, especially to my fellow newbies here in WA.

1) Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can do this

2) Still nervous - sure that is human nature so again close your eyes and focus on your goals

e,g - remember the $1000.00 per month you set up to achieve

It is just meters away from you to reach out and cash it, lol

3) Pray if you have to. God, Budddah or meditate as a way of asking your spirit to give you strength to keep on doing what you started

4) Share your journey with WA followers, as they are our family members who are willing to help us along. So ask questions, even the dump ones, lol.

5) Still confuse, try go back to the previous lessons and listen,follow and implement all the trainings from Kyle.

6)Try and revise what you learnt as this will help you to maintain what you knew.

7. Have fun in learning, remember what they say " Laughter is the best medicine"

Give me joy in my heart keep me learning, keep me learning til the end of this journey

Have a wonderful journey everyone!!!!!

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HowardJaros Premium
The Law of Attraction: If you believe you can, you will. If you tell yourself you can't, but you'll try, you won't! Good post!
sunshineP Premium
Thanks I value your support Howard
cookma54 Premium
Very inspirational. Thanks.
sunshineP Premium
Thanks a lot