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February 20, 2019
Hey everyone, how all you do Today we will talk about someone special; today we will talk about Ms. Elizabeth Blackwell. Do you know who was she? Ms. Blackwell was the first physician in America. She was the first women to receive the medical degree in the United States; the funny part is she wasn't American, she was British.But, today I here to talk about the businesswoman, behind this big event on history. Did you know that Ms. Blackwell applied for medico school 29 times and did not pass? Th
February 16, 2019
Hey everyone is so good to see you all again. I heard about this man, that's has a field with a lot of plants that gave him some fruits and now came the time to harvest and this man decide to hire some people to help him. On the morning, he gets a guy and pay him $20.00; At noon he gets another guy and pays him $20.00; three o'clock in the afternoon, the man get one more person and pays him another $20.00 and final 5:00 pm he gets the last helper and pays him to guess how much? Exactly the same
Is very easy to be discouraged because we passed our 40s or 50s and not make good money yet. We have the tendency to believe that we can only make money in our 20s or 30s because we are yang, full of hopes and dreams, strengths and braveness.A lot of people think because we passed half a century, never gonna make something, we never can even think about a million dollar dream. They keep saying: "a million dollar dream? should I pursue? oh! I am closer to retire, I had raised my kids already, m
Hey, everyone, 2000 followers here at WA. That is wonderful. When I came to WA, I don't even know how to follow someone or to be followed by others. Believe, I am not one of those people that like multimedia very much, so I did not have a notion why people doing likes and following other people; I used to think that was an invasion of privacy.I learned here at WA how much is fun and a great thing to follow others. We meed new people all the time, have a community to help and be helped any time
I heard about a wealth men took his son for a ride, about 45 minutes driving he stopped front a very old and careless house; the son asked his father "WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE?" The father answered with a calm voice, "YOU WILL SEE, JUST FOLLOW ME". The boy got out of the car and started following his father; inside the house, most of the things were broken, dirty, accumulated old things, some doors and windows also was broken, quite dark, at the point that you could say scared to get in, this was
Hey, everyone, hope everything is all good. I heard about this age thing, that say those young people up to 20-year-old, is a happy people because they are most the time very innocent, don't have big problems, do not work, do not have many responsibilities, they want to live they live with no compromisse, etc.The people between 20 and 50 are the most unhappy people that you can think about. They get married so is one more person in their lives, they have kids and not always on the time they pla
February 05, 2019
Yesterday morning I heard someone say: "successful people are so focused on their business that their do not have time to look others people business" and "is lonely at the top because not everybody can handle your victory and your success"Let's analyze those phrases or whatever you would like to call. At first, I got offended, think how this person has been rude, but some minutes later I started paying attention to the person explanation and I changed my opinion about.On the first phrase, the
Ladies and Gentlemen of WA, finally after five long months I finished my level 5. I only have to thank all the community for all the support on the moments that I most needed.When I started here at WA, I was very scared, low confident, lost. My first and second experience with WA question was horrible; I did not get some answers, so I decided to be very much in silence for about a month or so; my questions started to accumulate, but I was scared to ask again. Finally, one day, when I was desper
Hi everybody, how are you all? Today I am gonna tell you something that I hear: Once upon the time, two men, twins brothers, had a very different life. They were raised on the same ambient, with same parents, the same family around, same opportunities.The twin number one was very poor. He became homeless, no schooling educated, no job, no hopes, begging for people help so he could have daily food, dirty clothes, you can imagine how bad the situation was.Twin number two was very rich, went to co
Hey Everyone, how you all doing? Today, the fishermen will have to excuse me, and I apologize in advance to them, because I do not understand very much of fishing. The only fish that I ever caught, jump so much, and went back to the water on his own; he could wait for me to put him back into the water, right?Now, lets be serious: when a fisherman go to the Sea or River, he goes with a lot hope. He do not know exactly what he gone find during the time he is out there, but even though he is tota