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October 10, 2019
Good morning! So this is the thought for the day (at least for me):Wanting it bad enough isn't enough; you have to want it more than you want other things. You have to want it more than:- distraction, time wasting-competing desires in your mind-the voices in your head telling you it can't be done-the voices of your past-more than seems rational to the voices of all who don't want you to succeed because they gave upCourtesy of Mark Joyner.I'll be thinking about "other things" in a new way today.
Hi everybody! YouTube is going well. Over 1,000 subscribers now! It's been lots of fun interacting with (most) people on YouTube. Some haters though, which is to be expected, especially considering the topic! I didn't leave the link to the channel because I don't want to be guilty of spamming. But the name of the channel is Rise of Truth. I considered using my name, I think that might have been better. But, I'm going to start another channel when I have the time to teach English and how to stud
February 18, 2019
Hi everybody! I hope you're all finding success here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have launched a YouTube channel and really had no experience but felt I had something I must share. So I started from ground zero and started watching YouTube tutorials on how to start a channel. I just followed the instructions step by step. I started creating content, and using what I knew about keywords, learned about using my camera and lighting, and just started with what I had. Wow! It's been quite an experience!
September 05, 2018
Henry Ford said:“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”Ok Mr. Ford...point taken. The only way not to let an opportunity pass you by is to take action. I'd say taking action with direction or a purpose in mind. Got it!Have a great week with direction and the goal in your mind's eye, everyone!Suehila
September 02, 2018
Hi everyone,I'd just like to say - I do believe that if you follow this program, you can be successful in the world of internet marketing. That's why I can't seem to abandon it, even though I have been so very occupied with raising my children and taking care of the family. But they've grown and it's time to move forward with what I see as extremely promising in so many ways. So I've replaced their pictures with mine as part of the "official move" toward meeting some of those goals that got los
What a deal! So glad I logged in today. Perpetual premium member at $299 and I would have paid the regular price anyway. Hoping to make the most of it, just got my feet wet the first nine months after I joined and didn't do much at all. Nice!I'm gonna go with the success post for this one!