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Hello! I am delighted to meet you all at this great place that is WA, which I call it my second home LOL ;))

I'm passionate about dancing, traveling, reading, and learning just about anything that enlightens the intellect and the soul.

I'm an animal lover, and I love children as well - One of my main dreams in my bucket list is - One day to build a big school-home for orphans and forgotten teens, where they can have an education, food, love, care, and much more, and where they can play safe, and have therapy with rescued horses, dogs, cats, etc, etc, etc.

I believe in unifying efforts, sharing knowledge, passions, and strengths to achieve success in business and in life. Then, share it with the world - but especially, with the less fortunate than us.

*I'm happy to help anyone sincerely, so please feel free to contact me at anytime. I'm only one PM away*

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I will be happy to make 100K+ in 2 years for starting.... but ecstatic to earn it sooner lol.
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Dec 19, 2016
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SuccessfulO Premium
I will be happy to make 100K+ in 2 years for starting.... but ecstatic to earn it sooner lol.
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent Olivia, I know you will achieve your goals. As you start seeing more progress and results, you will be able to spend more time on your business.

When I started out online, I had limited time because I was in school full time and I was able to achieve "full time" status within the online business world in a year. I totally understand that we all have "time" issues in life, but I absolutely know you can do the same and accomplish the same sort of success!

Take action on the training here, immerse yourself within the community, and ask for help when you need it. This is your sure path to your own personal goals and successes Olivia! :)
mjpd Premium
Keep taking action and you will achieve your goals!
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CindyFS1971 Premium
Hi there, thank you for the follow, it is lovely to meet you. :)
MLozanova Premium
Thanks for following! I wish you all the best of success with your online studies and business so that you can realize your beautiful dream of such a school! ☺
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Thank you for following me; it's great to meet you.
I like your ambition to care for young people in need. I wish you great success with your online business to allow your plan to come to fruition.

- Valerie
justeileen Premium
Hi Olivia,

I'm so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate. The great training, tools and supportive community will help you to accomplish your goals.

You have a wonderful, loving and worthwhile dream. I wish you much success and happiness.

Thank you for following me. Feel free to private message me at anytime.

Your friend on this amazing journey,

betcha Premium
Hi Olivia, thanks for following me here @ Wealthy Affiliate. Keep moving on and pretty soon you will make your dream come true. Blessings ~Betcha