Some days it just not in the cards

Last Update: March 03, 2014

Hello, One and all.

Ok I know its Monday and all. So getting started today and felt great ready to do some work. Make progress. I started with my emails and for some reason my internet was really slow. It took forever just to go through 48 emails (2hrs) I shut everything down! Rebooted and started all over again! Yea it worked! Now I am flying through the rest of the emails. So I have to take a break to do some house work. Monday is trash day so that took a bit. Oh! got to start laundry and then the dishwasher. On my!

Ok I can get back to what I was doing. Well no, its lunch time. I eat and my three cats want some also and then they want to play, attention.

Ok now where was I? back to emails - nothing good.

On to WA. I say hello to everyone on live chat. Cool a few and Kyle all said hello. Awesome!

On to boot camp oopps there is a problem my website login won't come up. Then WA is having problems. Ok don't panic, I 'm sure everything will be ok in a few. Meanwhile I have to check on dishes and laundry.

Ok I'm Back! To WA and everything is working great even talked to Carson about it. Cool!

So I get to my boot camp lesson and I find out it's a catch up day to fix lose ends. Get unstuck to review all that I have done so far. Excellent! Been meaning to do this for a while. So I start with my post cleaning them up and maybe changing a few banners. Going great.

Just when I am getting all into it. Doing research, looking how I can change banners around to fit the up coming spring. Working away. I look at the clock woooo it's time to get supper going and meet the wife at the door. Knowing she had a rough time out there in the real world unlike me here at home whew!

So all together I did not get what I wanted done. I did however get other things done. That in it self is progress.

I need to focus on one task complete it and move on.

So today it was not in the cards but tomorrow is indeed another day to make it happen.

So don't give up because I have not.

Best wishes and great luck to you all



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Tjgrubaugh Premium
I have days like that too, with homeschooling my youngest and trying to keep house clean people and animals feed it is a lot of work in it's self. Plus I help my sister when she needs her rentals cleaned, my dad is currently remodeling his basement so I am trying to help there a lot as well. I sure wish you and your wife the best! Blessings from our house to yours!
success2010 Premium
Thanks, I wish to best of luck to you
Shawn Martin Premium
Danny, I can relate.
Seems the clock is always flying, but that's how it works when you are doing what you love. :)
success2010 Premium