.on my way to be a Millionaire.

Last Update: October 04, 2016

..well I jumped on board with wealthy Affiliates thanks to Kyles mild manners with teaching....lets hope I can be successful with all the help from my new found family feels like I got a job now... sounds kind of exciting.....

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MartyStewart Premium
You have a job now Stuart, but it's your job and everything you make you keep!
Toshmack Premium
Great attitude well done ;)
VeronicasLuv Premium
Keep that great attitude Stuart, and I'm sure you'll succeed.
Stuart1 Premium
..well what can I say feels lijke I gots a big bag of candies to rummage thru an almost Halloween my little brothers Birthday thinks hes about 53yrs... Oct4 1963.... yes we are gettin old thoughts maybe I could get a Business going and pass it on to my grandson good straight A student grade 9 this year..time will tell....Im trying to keep up with meditation helps my brain to be patient and yes SUCESSFUL.....