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Dear WA Family,I am happy to inform you that I have taken advantage of the WA Black Friday Offer for the 6th time!I am on a MISSION!The MISSION Name Is... Mission Possible WA Super Affiliate Conference 2022!Goal - To make it to the WA Super Affiliate Conference 2022 (I guess it will take place in 2023 Jan or Feb). To be honest, this is not the first time I set this goal but I get sidetracked (100% it's me who need to be blamed).This year by GOD'S grace I am determined to focus and work on my go
Dear WA Family,Hope you are doing great!I was inspired and motivated by the story of the Chinese bamboo tree and want to share it with you because we can learn a lesson from it and it motivates us. What’s that?When you plant a Chinese bamboo tree you need to water it…Watering it for 1 Month – You will see nothingWatering it for 3 Months – You will see nothingWatering it for 6 Months – You will see nothingWatering it for 12 Months – You will see nothingWateri
Dear Friend,I hope you are doing great! I am here to share with you great news!The offer changed my life and helped me to become a full-time blogger working from home is back.Collapsing financial markets have produced an overlooked opportunity for work-from-home businesses!Interested in building your online business in your spare time?Black Friday offer is coming soon. Get access to our BIGGEST discount ever, and a bunch of awesome bonuses.4 days only! You can take advantage of this big opportu
Dear WA Family,Here is my June Month report.June 2020 REPORTUSERS - 771NEW USERS - 761SESSIONS - 920PAGEVIEWS - 1207BOUNCE RATE - 79.35%BLOG POSTS (Reviews) - 13 (4 reviews ranking on the first page of Google)Jays Webinar - 6 (watched 6 webinars on June)WA FREE STARTER REFERRALS - 5ACCOUNT SETUP - 2WA PREMIUM SIGNUP - 0EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS - 2EARNINGSWA EARNINGS - $2 (account set up)Autoresponder - $11 (commission from my autoresponder referrals)Sponsored Post - $0Total Earnings - $13GOD Bless!W
Dear WA Family,Here is my May Month report.May Month Target - Publishing 20 Review Posts and updating 12 old posts - Published 11 review posts and updated 12 old posts. Deficit or pending 9 review posts (Each month I will write 1 or 2 posts extra to cover these pending posts).Out of 11 review posts 5-7 posts ranking on the first page of Google.Out of 12 updated old posts - 4-5 posts ranking on the first page of Google before updating, out of 12 review posts one ranked on the first page.May 2020
Dear WA Family,I hope you all are safe and healthy.It's been a while since I blogged here. I wanted to share my goals with my WA family and I love to inform my plans.What's The Mission? Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference 2022What's The Plan? To write 400 review posts (Of course quality posts).Why 400 reviews? To know the answer you need to read one of the legends posts (Littlemama) "Secret To Achieving Vegas".You Can Read Her Post Here -
January 15, 2021
Dear WA Family,Happy New Year!I hope everyone is safe and doing great!In this post I like to share my goals for the year 2021.To be honest, every year I am setting new goals and the truth is I miss 80% of the goals. This is my 5th year with Wealthy Affiliate and I didn't achieved my online goals. And the reason for not achieving my goals is 100% myself.Being with an amazing and awesome platform I wasted a lot of time. Even wasted 15 days in this month. My traffic gone down drastically so does t
Dear WA Family,Here is my July Month income report.July 2020 INCOME REPORTUSERS - 980NEW USERS - 960SESSIONS - 1169PAGEVIEWS - 1747BOUNCE RATE - 75.11%BLOG POSTS - 31 (For July Month, 11 reviews & 20 normal posts)WA FREE STARTER REFERRALS - 13ACCOUNT SETUP - 4WA PREMIUM SIGNUP - 0EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS - 6 (For July Month)EARNINGSWA EARNINGS - $23.50Autoresponder - $11 (commission from my autoresponder referrals)Total Earnings - $34.50GOD Bless!With Love & Gratitude,Paul
Dear WA Family,Here is my June Month income report.June 2020 INCOME REPORTUSERS - 787NEW USERS - 760SESSIONS - 929PAGEVIEWS - 1371BOUNCE RATE - 74.60%BLOG POSTS - 30 (For June Month, 9 reviews & 21 normal posts)WA FREE STARTER REFERRALS - 8ACCOUNT SETUP - 1WA PREMIUM SIGNUP - 0EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS - 5 (For June Month)WA Webinars - 1Books - 1EARNINGSWA EARNINGS - $47Autoresponder - $27.95 (commission from my autoresponder referrals)Content Writing - $20Total Earnings - $94.95July Month Target
Dear WA Family,Here is my May Month income report.May 2020 INCOME REPORTUSERS - 923NEW USERS - 881SESSIONS - 1213PAGEVIEWS - 1936BOUNCE RATE - 70.24%BLOG POSTS - 31 (For May Month, 20 reviews & 11 normal posts)WA FREE STARTER REFERRALS - 16ACCOUNT SETUP - 3WA PREMIUM SIGNUP - 1BLACK FRIDAY YEARLY - 1EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS - 10 (For May Month)WA Webinars - 3Books - (Reading Think & Grow Rich)EARNINGSWA EARNINGS - $185Autoresponder - $11 (commission from my autoresponder referrals)Content Wr