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December 31, 2014
.Yes how did it go. I did not reach my 20 entries but I came in goals with 18 and there are not any of them there are less than 1000 words. Then there was my video challenge is missing I still 2 out of the 4 I had to reach. But it stems slightly in that I have not been so much at home that I have had time to make more videos. Hope it not Sound Like an excuse. But now that this little post is the last this year I will also use it as a stock of how I have done Whit my challenge. I was not achieve
I know that everything we do here is based on creating good original context. As we would like to have a lot of readers. I even feel that it is a point I have improved very much on. But when I think back to the first lessons about Creating context. I really had a hard time getting my thoughts put into writing. Yes, I spent a whole year to finish the first 5 full courses in Boot Camp. I am well enough progressed to a point where I can both manage to make my research, write and edit my articles
November 29, 2014
I've put my little internet tripe on the low pressure today. It should of course be otherwise today the next 2 days where I had plan. Now think you probably why. But last night on the way up to my girlfriend and her children. I sat in the passenger seat next to her and my son was sitting behind me. All had apparently hurry to get home. All drive closely behind one another. Suddenly brakes the car run forand us very hard up, my girlfriend do the same. The result in the car it run right behind us
September 27, 2014
Here's a new Premium member that has taken us on my website. For me it is a huge confirmation of what we learn here really bear fruit. Think that it's a very happened while I slept. I know that there probably will be some time before I can make a living. But just this feeling of being on the right track is a great feeling. I think now even I can see myself hand at home and work full time on my pages. I'm still the type to be out and do some physical work every day. But just to know that
For approx. 14 days ago I had break-ins in my truck. I lost my tablet as I had created all my context with and uploaded all my photos too, well I would say that almost everything I've done here in WA are made on it. I was really angry and felt that being on the street every day can provide some defeats that really has to be overcome if we are to evolve as a human, I just felt that anger should be slightly behind me before I could really get on with my education. But I'm back has given me an
I have a day where I have plenty of time to work on my blog, but can not really figure out what I want to write about, since I do not have a deadline right now seems a little empty and uninspired feeling that much I can do but the sides just a little tight. I am in great mood Sunday and reached the point in training where I have to build something and keep a long break, this is where I should just write freely and not think so much about building my meny up or should I work with what I have wri