Just use your head!

Last Update: March 07, 2017

A while back when my daughter was quite young, lets say around two years old, she ran into this problem. While pushing her baby stroller with her doll all strapped in, she somehow got it wedged in between both walls in the hallway. I was in my room at the time and could hear her complaining about her baby. She eventually got louder and the complaining turned into more of a whining. The whole time I could see her dilemma. I finally told her to "use your head." The next image was priceless, Instead of taking a moment and thinking the situation over, she literally used her head! She smacked the top of the baby stroller with her forehead and wouldn't you know it the stroller broke free. I couldn't help but laugh as I realized that she had took my instructions literally.

Sometimes we all need to step back and think things through, including myself (thinking that my 2 year old would understand my metaphorical suggestion)

So please just use you head everyone!

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RHBarlow Premium
That is a good way to use your head!
spurway Premium
beautiful story , and kids take everything on without thinking twice.
What a shame as a adult you lose that innocents . Life would be much more fun if we would let go .... and go with the flow