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Combat Business FatigueHello All:I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for three years now. It is hard to beleive that it has been that long. I have learned so much and I have met so many people and made so many awesome friends. I have had long conversations with friends via email and other online forums -- people I have never met in person but I feel like I have known them forever and feel closer to them than some people whom I know in person. Thus, I would not change anything about my path. I
May 30, 2018
Find Your #Uniqueness & Inner #CreativityI have created many tutorials here at WA and written many blog posts in order to help the community here, because that is what brings me the most joy, showing people the way to online profit making. However, there are some things I cannot answer, such as those questions like, "How much are you making each month through WA and when did you start earning?" For instance, I received the following private message today from someone:...Hi Stephanie,I com
May 04, 2018
Jay's Training TONIGHTDon't forget to go to Jay's training tonight. If you are a premium member you can watch Jay's webinar tonight. If you are not a premium member, I suggest upgrading your membership to premium so that you can particiapte in this very valuable training that will give you resources and incredible knowledge that will scale your online business and lead you to online success. The reason why you joined WA was to discover the power of affiliate marketing and how you can control
May 02, 2018
Time For ChangeI was very delighted with the new platform when I signed in today. I have to admit the old platform was becoming hard to navigate due to the continuous new content that was being added everyday. I am pretty skilled at doing searches (I am a librarian) but even I had difficulty finding needed content within the WA platform. There were actually a couple times that I was able to find what I needed within the old WA platform by simply Googling the content much easier than doing wi
Thank you for stopping by to read this WA blog I wrote about discovering your life's purpose. For a more step-by-step instruction based on this blog, you may visit my training: We at Wealthy Affiliate want a better life for ourselves. We want to know what is our purpose in life. How can we live the best life possible? Are there options out there besides living the mediocre life? Why have I been put on this planet? Those are questio
March 30, 2018
Happy Good Friday Good People of WAI wanted to take a few moments to wish everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate a very Happy Good Friday and a very Happy Easter. I realize not everyone celebrates Easter due to cultural differences, religious preferences, geographical diversities, and a variety of other reasons and that is perfectly fine and very respectable but for those of us who do celebrate I wanted to wish you all a Happy Good Friday and a Happy Easter!! Easter is a time to be thankful and w
Hello English Learners and English Teachers:I know many of you here are not native English speakers and it may be a little hard to somettimes understand how to interpret news about technology, marketing or news within your chosen niche, so when I came across this new resource, I wanted to share it here.This is also a useful resource for English teachers too. I myself used to be a teacher and I could have used this learning resource in my classroom very easily. English Teachers - FREE Resource.
February 28, 2018
Today is the end of the 2nd month of the year, not yet Spring, still Winter in some places, other areas of the country, seasons are flopped, so whatever or where ever you are, this time of year is a good time to stop and reflect and Do a Life Inventory."A What Steph??" You may be asking yourself.....This post I am writing was inspired by Kyle'sPost this morning. We have all heard about the need to have your "Why" when you first start a new business venture. Plus, we all know or should the need
Niche Dilemma: Passion or Societal Trend/NeedI recently read a question that someone posted here at WA which I know to be a common question, so I thought I would write a blog answering that question and describe why I believe my answer is the correct choice. The question was, "I am struggling with my niche idea. I have an idea for my niche, but it is not my passion. It is, however, a need that exists out there in our society. Should I go with the societal trend / need even though it is not my
January 19, 2018
Hello WA Family:It has been a while since everyone has heard from me. I have been busy trying to branch myself out in other ways to make money. Building an online business is still my priority but I like being able to get to speak to people face to face and meet new folks outside of the great World Wide Web. That is why I think an avenue we should all be looking into is Local SEO. That is looking into your own local geographic area for businesses that need help getting exposure online. Perhaps