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Last Update: August 07, 2015

I know many of you have used Facebook but how many are using pages to promote their site. I set up a page to link to my website which can boost your sales if you create a large following. The new changes to facebook pages has made it far easier to promote products or services. They have added a call to action button which can link directly to your site. You can add a buy button, Sign up button or shop button to name a few.

I started a page about three months ago and now have over 4100 followers all linked to my website.

To get as many followers as possible is not much different than using WA. Just follow other pages, comment on thier pages, add posts and like all comments and shares.

When I first set it up I went to as many pages that where pertainent to my niche that I could find and liked thier page left comments and liked a few posts. Then a lot of them would like share and comment on my page. I would also recieve some great content from within my newsfeeds from those pages to add to my page.

When I first created the page I bought an ad package to get me past the 100 like point.The ad was not much I set a limit of $6.00 a day for one week. I didn't really know how this was going to work it was just a trial. It really surprised me I got over 600 likes in one week and that really kick started it. From then on I just kept adding great content and kept interacting with everyone like I said above just like you do here at WA.

So give it a try it is free to set up and all you have to do is put a little time in and you can have a direct selling link to your site.

If any one has any questions about this I am more than willing to help.

To your success.

Dan Kennedy

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steamer24 Premium
I find most of my content in my newsfeeds, When you click on the top of your page that says home it goes to your newsfeed.

There you can find all the content you need everyday and just share it to your page.I do this in about 15 minutes every day. All this content comes from other similiar pages you have liked.

It is not like writing posts for sites it is fast and you are just sharing another pages content. This is okay to do on facebook not like using some ones content on a website.

I hope this helps.

adaba063 Premium
that makes sense, that way the content is different, though you will want to be selective about what you share on your page

all the best,
adaba063 Premium
interesting idea,

the challenge will be to be consistently adding new content to your blog as well as to your fb page

all the best,