Luck of the Draw!

Last Update: April 26, 2018

Hi, Everyone at WA!

Remember this saying, "Luck of the Draw"? Yeah, so what!

What does it really mean? Is it that some people you may

know, are just plain lucky? Maybe they are.. No matter

what they due, it seems like they Strike Gold All the time.
Is it fair? I don't have an answer to that. Do you? I know

that I'm Not one of these people! Many of you here at

WA can contest to this. We tend to say that God is looking

down at them than, more than the rest of us. We, on the

other hand always seem to Struggle, when it comes to Success!

Sounds like Most! But,the ones who seem to Struggle Find A Way!

One can Always work things out If, they want to. We All live

Different lives. We have different situations in Our lives.

However, We can be Successful in what we do.

Common, we've graduated college or a trade school.

We went on to have Successful careers, lost weight, bought

a house,etc. To be a Success as an Entrepreneur, is Not

A luck of the drawer in my opinion! It takes a Certain Attitude.

You know and I know, there's No free ticket here, only a Desire

to Do what other people didn't want to do. There's a Blueprint

Smack in front of us(newbies) here at WA, where We can go Far

as We want to go! Who knows, maybe a little luck of the draw will prevail!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi James, that is such a famous and well used saying. lucky is something that we make, and for the folks that arrive here in WA the luck of the draw is spinning their way. We just need to keep going and follow the programme.

Keep writing and keep sharing.
stay focused Premium
Thanks Alex!
There's no work like Hard work!
Let's keep in touch.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Sounds like we have had the same teacher James, it is what helps us to create some exciting outcomes.
stay focused Premium
Hi Alex,
I hear ya my friend! As long as we keep
moving forward, good and exciting things
will follow!