If action brings results, how do we motivate ourselves to act?

Last Update: Nov 20, 2014


We always set goals or targets but often fail to achieve them because we do not commit to follow up action. At WA the first exercise we did was to set both financial and non-financial goals. Why?

Without goals and a forcing system, the mind will procrastinate and set aside action for another day.

How can we kick-start the action process?

The key to starting the action engine is the self-concept i.e. the way we feel about ourselves.

The self-concept, which is made up of beliefs, attitudes, feelings and opinions can either turn our engine on or off for motivation to act.

Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

The natural sequence is that as we set the goals we usually don’t feel confident that we will achieve them, we feel that we are not ready just yet to achieve such stretch targets.


If you behave as if you have already achieved the goal, act as if you are the success you want to be, you will feel good about yourself and the self-concept will trigger the motivation engine to generate positive thoughts leading to positive actions. It is these positive actions that will bring results.

On the other hand one negative feeling will attract more negative thoughts and beliefs which result in procrastination and putting actions off for a later date until no action is taken.

Here is the ABC for taking action to achieve results

Act as if you have already succeeded

Believe in your ability to accomplish

Create a forcing system for progress measurement, task accomplishment and goal achievement

For example the goals we set here at WA can sometimes seem so impossible, as you will put in a lot of hard work and you don’t see results immediately. This can generate negative feelings and thoughts about oneself leading to lack of motivation to act. If we don’t act then the results will not come, plain and simple.

So here is the thought of the day:

If we ACT as if we have succeeded in creating the wealth we want, we can feel good about being on that dream holiday resort, purchasing that dream home, car or present for our loved ones.

If we BELIEVE that we can create wealth through the skills learnt at WA, we will follow through this belief with action and achieve success

If we CREATE a system for measuring our progress towards the goals we have set as suggested in the training videos, then results will certainly follow.

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Great Stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

When I have to drive a long distance, I listen to books on tape. Wayne Dyer has a set of CD talking about intention that I just listened to (for the 4th time I think) and this is exactly what he says.

Hi Debbi,
Thank you so much for your review, response and contribution.
I have actually Googled Wayne Dyer and his book "Your Erroneus Zones is on my top to get List!
Healthy Wishes

Great Post!...Thanks for sharing

Hi VCourville,
Thanks for your response.
I have followed as well

Good post and thanks for sharing it with us. We certainly can use much ABC with our works. Anyway do have a great day and hope to catch you around.

Hi Joel,
Indeed thanx for reflecting on this and internalizing.
Catch you later
Keep well

Thanks for a well-written article. We need to be reminded of this stuff every now and then.
I believe....

Hi Donna,
Thanx, I guess a reminder from time to time adds a little spice to our lives.
All the best,

Motivating! Thank you for this!

Hi Rosie,
Thanx for the encouragement, just your response means so much more
Enjoy your weekend

Wishing the same for you!

Positive thinking alone will not bring success, but negative thinking is certain to bring failure. Positive mind set + effective action = success.

Hi Bill,
True and the action starts deep in the brain.
Thanks for adding your voice
Much appreciated

This is a very well written post filled with awesome truths! Thank you for sharing!
Christa :)

Hi Christa,
Thanx for your reflection, although they say the truth hurts, this is one truth that helps
Have a nice weekend

It is also written, "...the truth shall set you free!" ! :)

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