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Hi Guys

Alittle bit about me. My name is Jim. I am an IT professional for the past 8 year and I love building and fixing them. Plus I am also a gamer.

I live in Clinton Twp, MI, lived here for the past 13 or so years.
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margaux25 Premium
Hi Jim, How was your day. Did you work on Your Squidoo lens. I finally got my next site up. It's a payperclick blog. Hope you're doing well. It's supposed to be snowing in all 50 states today, so maybe we'll get snowed in and get some work done.
margaux25 Premium
Hi Jim, I also worked in Technical Support Services for about 5 years, and I love gaming also. I figure I'm going to have to cut way back on that, so I can get more work done around here. I'm trying to figure out how to make an action plan, so if you see anything, alert me. Thanks. Right now, I'm trying to get some previous domains moved over to here.
idm Premium
Hey Jim, nice to meet you. An IT guy, a gamer, and now an internet marketer. We have a few things in common eh?
stanleytjim Premium
Thz Pixote I am still learn here at WA!! So much Information. It is like where in the (blank) do I start. Gladly I looked at PPG tutorial. Which is where I started. Now I am starting on clickbank to help me be more successful!!!
Pixote Premium
Great to have you join us. If you ever need help feel free to ask questions. Everyone here is very helpful and loves to share information. We are all here to master the art of internet marketing. Best of luck!