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It sounds funny doesn't it? Of course, we read what we write. I've got a site that hasn't quite made it off the runway yet, it needs a lot more substance and content but while doing that I wanted to get to the bottom of my 80% drop rate on it and find out why so many people were leaving so fast. I had the novel idea of reading my own landing page as though it were not mine. Wow, did I discover something interesting... My landing page was "poke my own eyes out" boring and dry! That might be the
March 22, 2014
I'm usually lucky to get clicks from there but I found orders placed from the UK this morning for products I don't even sell on my sites...gotta love Amazon. :)
March 16, 2014
Rewind a little bit. I joined WA April 28, 2010, which means I've been a member almost four years. I'm also a gardener so that means I've spent at least half of that time outside in the yard (not working on websites). So in my mind I've only been "doing this" for about 2 years of solid effort. DomW said at some point recently that if you can stick with this for two years then crazy stuff starts to happen. Well, he's right (I had no doubt that he was but now I'm seeing it in action) It's been a
December 12, 2013
This morning one of my sites worked fine and then stopped loading and wouldn't do anything for an unknown reason. I tried a few times with no success to get it to come back. So I submitted a support ticket saying the site wouldn't load. I go out to start the car to warm it up. I come back in and try the site again and it loads just fine. I figure it must have been my mistake and went to remove the support ticket, I do that. Then I open my email to find a "support ticket resolved" notification.
December 04, 2013
I might be behind the times, but I still use paper notebooks and a pen to write anything and everything down as I go along the internet marketing road. I've got quite a stack of them now after 3+ years. They've got everything from things to do, to webinar notes to html tidbits, other sites I have to see, keywords and know, everything. I recommend keeping them after they're full because if/when that day comes when you're feeling down and think you're not learning anything or not learn
I have a small request from someone who is based in the USA, it'll take less than 3 minutes and maybe 20 clicks. If you have a sec send me a pm and let me know. Thanks
May 25, 2013
So the end of the story is that I'm typing this story on a borrowed computer.Here's why.My husband and my computer had a small accident and the computer lost, so it's in the shop for an untold amount of time. This is a super fancy touch screen, does everything, "all in one unit" computer. My life is attached to it and stored in it.My Mother-in-law was over when it happened and in all her goodness kept telling me that "it's just a thing" and things can be replaced and people canno
These are two currently running courses offered by a local community college in my area.The courses are SEO and website building.Read the descriptions and think about what's offered at WA.WordPress Web Design"Learn to use the industry leading content management system (CMS), WordPress. Students will build and maintain an elegant website or blog with no knowledge of coding. You’ll also learn about domain purchase and hosting, WordPress installation, page building, themes, plugin
Thanks for the answers to my questions, I feel less stress now. I know this is a whole bunch of words but there's a few sections that concern me. This is one exerpt (note paragraph 2 and section 3) from this page: In addition, in your application you must identify each Amazon Site that you wish to advertise on your site (e.g., the Amazon UK Site ( or, the Amazon DE Site (, or, the Amazon FR Site ( or, the Amazon
March 25, 2013
Today I got an update notice from Amazon regrading changes to their TOS. I assume that everyone who deals with Amazon got that message.In the section about linking rules it states that all the links I place on my site must have my associate ID in it.In order to do this you have to choose only one Amazon to deal with and will lose sales from all others.Also, if the "link localizer" plugin is used then none of the links used are coded from any particular one.I don't want to invite problems for