Almost on to Course 3!

Last Update: May 11, 2017

You guys!!

The more I go on the more excited I am becoming. At this point, I have my own .com webpage :) I have my pages and content. And will be adding randomly posts for products recommended. Coming from someone what had to idea how to put links of websites or pretty much anything like that to where I am now.... is something to be proud about.

I have a question as for as lay out. Check out my website. Please leave content relivent comments so I can start some interaction on my website.

Question is: Should I just promote the product links on my post? or should I have a whole page for recommendations? I will have a few ads and links around but as far as an actual list of what I recommend I wanted to do it more blog style because I feel like that is the more personally route to go. What do you guys think?

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mickeyb123 Premium
I like how the content comes out at me from the background!

All of your content needs to really be bigger. Remember in the earliest stages of training, Kyle talked about at least 1000 words in each.

Google, (Bing, Yahoo and all the rest...) like to see a lot of copy.

Your visitors want a complete picture of what you are talking about and a full explanation of your ideas, as well as procedures to use for exfoliation...

I did not see any promotional ads or links.

The direct answer to the question in this blog is: Different types of things should have their own page, linked to from the Blog or front page. Individual items should be talked about in a reviewing sort of way. You are not really trying to sell them to your readers as the affiliate's website should do that, but you do need to pre-sell them by letting your readers know about them and what they can do and the benefits of using them.

MKearns Premium
Most sites I've seen have the dispersed product links Shelly. Reminding the reader of the product in different locations presents a fresh take interspersed with the content!