My job keeps getting in the way of my work.

Last Update: July 09, 2014

I have encountered this rather strange dilemma almost everyday now for about four weeks today. Actually I am experiencing it at this moment, as I sneak a sentence into this blog every once in awhile. This little problem I have, which seems to get a little worse every other day is: my job, with all it's demands, continually gets in the way and interferes with the work I want to complete. Like getting my website done and moving forward with WA.

In reality, as each day passes, the desire to get up at 3:30, drive an hour and fifteen minutes, strap on the twenty pound tool bags, and work for eight hours in some of the worst environments one can think is quite simply fading away. Now getting up at six in the morning, having some coffee without any pressure of showing up late, and working on my future for ten hours a day, now that is desirable.

What can you do? Only one thing to do I guess. Just work all the time and try to make it all happen together. I do foresee a slight possibility of trouble however. What is going to happen when my desire to go to my job is exceeded my need to work on my investment? I don't quite have an answer to that yet...

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wfrankl67 Premium
I feel the same, with work, children, afterschool activities and normal everyday life it gets hard,but we must keep pressing on to succeed. I truly feel that in the long run WA will succeed over normal jobs that we are forced to do right now.