Last Update: April 05, 2016

When I first started Wealthy Affiliate I had already spent about a year trying to figure out the art of making money online. I was obviously a little skeptical as a year of research and trial and error in this industry can get ugly!

There are thousands of scams and get rich quick schemes but very few legit programs that are designed to help you succeed rather than make the vendor rich.

So you can imagine the more I explored and went through the training here at WA, the more excited I got about my future with the online world. I had made a pack a long time ago that this is something I want to do with my life and I wasn't going to stop until I figured it out.

The excitement led to many sleepless nights working on my site, researching, going through the training, and brainstorming. I call those nights GRINDING.

Yes my eyes burned occasionally, I sometimes didn't smell very pleasant, and felt like my brain needed a break but It was easy and natural because it is something I really enjoy doing.

We all have the gasoline it takes to build a fire, you just have to find out how to strike the match that ignites the fire.

Plus, I finally found a legit way to make it happen I just needed to put it together. It is paying off and is only getting better. The trick is to not wear yourself out though.

Grinding is great for progress but can cut your road short of success if you burn yourself out. I always make sure to set a reward at the end of the tunnel. I have been grinding for about 2 months now and have about 25 days left.

No not till I'm done, till I reward myself for the dedication and hard work I have put in. It doesn't have to be anything huge but I think its smart to make it something that will distract you for a couple days and let your brain reset.

I am going on a cruise for mine! It is something that I really enjoy and I cant really work while Im on. :)

When I get back it will be right to grinding to my next adventure.

Thanks for reading Like or Comment if you have had some nights grinding to your online success.


Work Hard------Play Hard


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DianneBee Premium
I grind every day. Got new "computer eye drops" too ha ha.(yeah, they're really called that!)
SherrieL Premium
I'm that way almost every night
JudeP Premium
This will still be here when you get back and you will look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes. Have a wonderful vacation :)