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Hey folks - It took some time for this one but I just posted a short essay on my Anthology site. It is about the task of shoveling my 300' driveway by hand and life lessons realized in the performance of the task. There is an accompanying video [it was still cold out...-15 air temp with 30 mph wind so please forgive the bit of mumbling and teeth chatter] that I would like you to watch first. It's on the site. Here's the link to the 'Driveway Lesson' post on Short Story Anthology. Sorry to sen
Just finished posting the next new Short Story on my Short Story Anthology site. for the Story... for the home page of the site. Please check it out and let me know what you think either here or on the site [NOTE: to comment on the site you will have to register/login first. Security reasons. Registering is WordPress simple and hopefully, if it works, you'll be updated to new posts. And don't forget to
...But this year it's getting done and kept up! Already started. Yep, this resolution has been running for at least 3 yrs now. Guess I've finally grown up enough to clean up my room! Resolution #1 - Clean up work area Get Organized Resolution #2 - Include my bedroom. Flat surfaces are not storage spaces. (Looks a lot worse in the photo) Well, in closing this post and Resolution list for this year, I can at least say, "At least I know where everything is!" Happy and Safe New Year's Celebrat
December 28, 2013
My #1 Son, Shanon, and his wife were supposed to come over today...said they had a present for Chritmas for, of course I had to say ok [it wouldn't be a problem anyway, I just ask anyone to call first so I'll be home]. I just got a call from him. He said they couldn't make it. Here's his selfish and crazy reason... Guess I gotta cut him some slack on this one. But.... WHAT ABOUT MY PRESENT!!! IS THIS IT???
Hey Folks! For those of you who may not know this little trick in Word Press, [I know, those of you out there with experience with WP probably already know this....But How Am I supposed to know THAT!! Jeez!]... that will allow you to delay when your new post will,.....well, post! OK, you're all hot and just smokin' the keyboard with articles getting written faster than the printer can handle and your hard drive is makin' all kindsa noise you never heard before. Now what? Or you've been working