Hey WA Peeps! - What is 7617?

Last Update: Jul 25, 2017


Well, when you add dashes 7-16-17 That was the date that I joined and holy heck as I did not think I would learn this much in this soon! I am on my first stage in this the journey with WA and it has been great as I progress to course 3!

In the two short weeks that I've been here, I've learned more about online marketing than ever it's thanks to WA's methodical and very thorough approach.

I feel the following are critical to newbies:

Find your passion - your niche - draw from your personal life and experiences to find how your niche may be easily identified.

Focus on branding yourself and your site - trust yourself and make it personal. That is what will give you credibility with the SEs

Be strategic at the same time to ensure you utilize the tools like key work tool to find low QSR keywords that are naturally relevant to your post. This will require much practice which for me will be ongoing.

Be Premium - You have made the choice to enter this business...give yourself a vote of confidence that this WON'T be a flash-in-the-pan idea you are embarking. Once you look around this community you will realize this is the real deal!

SEO is important, but so is your brand in the community and the content you bring to it

Learn to love blogging - I have been in B2B sales for many many years and the online community is no different. people buy because they trust. Google indexes because they trust your content. Learn to tell the story through the blog.

We're all going to learn the importance of content and how we carefully plan our blogs, and equally important is how our individual experiences and personalities shine through our web page.

Be your own literary artist (WOW am I a terrible painter in that sense but I am working at getting stronger day by day!) and realize that content that will make you revenue! Learn how to capitalize on that!

Slow Down! the BIGGEST Takeaway I have is that it is so important to PACE yourself through this training. Do not rush setting up the site as "set it and forget it" and certainly do not treat that as the end result.

So at this point I know I have a TON of work ahead of me with relation to monetizing, community management, campaign management and so much more!

I look forward to getting that next level and thanks to all the WA Peeps for helping me get to this point!



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Great. Moving along like a blizzard Snowstorm!

Great post!! Keep up the great work and welcome to WA!! Your on your way to doing great things here at WA and I wish you all the best my friend!!

Good luck!


good post thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing, funny header. :) Good post, keep up the good job.

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