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Last Update: February 06, 2018

Think for a minute about all the people in the world that wish they knew of a better way. Our culture teaches people to work for somebody else which means that we are brought up with everybody pointing us, unknowingly, to limit our thinking.

We are taught to finish high school, finish college, and get a good job with benefits. Well, as we go through high school and college, by the way I am actually for both of them, of course, we are going through structured training.

Structured training is the key folks, with the ability to ask questions until you understand and fully grasp what you're doing. That's available within this site. Are there issues here and there? Yes. Can they be dealt with? Yes.

We have to study in high school and college to succeed. We have to study here too.

My personal story is that I learned a few key elements in the past of monetizing websites and thought I would be successful, but I didn't finish the process. In the process of trying different things, if I got frustrated enough I would quit and go try the other thing I saw online.

That's called chasing shiny objects. It is a massive problem on the internet today and it's one I finally learned to control on my end. We all have to come to that point or we won't stay with any program long enough to be successful.

What brought me back is the testimonials I found recently from people that I could tell by their story that they got tired of the shiny objects and hype on the internet and stuck with Wealthy Affiliate. Over time, not over night, they found success.

I realized I had made a mistake before leaving this training too early. The landscape in our culture is changing. We have to have our own skill set and be able to develop an income online with that skill set so we can work from anywhere, not just from home.

I believe that it's not only just an option anymore, but it's probably going to become a necessity. Working online from our laptops is something that is becoming a necessity to know how to do. The training here will allow us to do that, given enough work and enough time.

One of my goals is to become successful enough that my close friends and family will see that it is truly possible. I especially want my son to see that. But first, I have to finish all the training and possibly go through that training a few times until I can't get it wrong.

I just finished part of this training. I'm trying to absorb stuff as I go. It seems to me that once I learn to build one site that generates a solid income, like many have here, that I can build quite a few of them with enough work. That, along with promoting this program, generates a good income.

That's the goal. I would encourage any who read this to do the same. Keep working and if you do need to get past a frustrating point, reach out to me or reach out in the chat. But let me encourage you to keep working, don't quit.

With respect

Scott Moore

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NigelClark Premium
Fully agree Scott, it's easy to think things will work as if by magic without the proper amount of effort, but it's hard work, dedication and consistency that separates the successes.

As you say it's all here, just keep going, do the training and put in the work and you will find success - that's working for me and hope it works for you too!

Good luck on your ongoing journey,