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Last Update: February 01, 2018

I wrote about distractions in the last blog post and how important it is to avoid them. I'll say again that the structure in the training here is helping me avoid distractions at this point, and seeing some actual progress here as well.

We can stay plenty busy within this site with the training, working on our sites, and working to leave comments for other people and helping them out. That structure and focus is a good thing.

When we all got to this site we all had a goal, somewhere we would like to be both financially and skill wise. We all need to stay focused on those goals and understand that the training here will develop our skills, and there are also plenty of ways to build our commissions here as well.

There will be days and times that we will encounter small hiccups and have questions about the best way to handle a given situation with our sites. I had one the other day with the theme I am using currently. Plenty of people are available here to help and somebody will have the answer we need, or at least guide us to the answer.

I have also had to contact site support once to help me with one of my sites and they responded really quickly, which is impressive. So, follow the training as it is laid out and know that when you need a little help with something that help is readily available.

Which means progress can be made each time we log in and go to work because we can move forward on the things that come pretty easy and we can get help on the things that might be throwing us off some.

Since I began working online I have heard leader after leader say that focus, consistency and purpose are what it will take to succeed, basically a combination of all three. This site helps with all of that.

I think we all come here with a purpose so we have that covered. We all have a passion for something and we would like to monetize that passion if possible. So, the focus and consistency are the next two variables and wealthy affiliate helps with both of those.

So, I hope all of you have the success you hoped for after going through the training on this site. Stay focused and keep working hard. It will happen.

With respect,

Scott Moore

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AlexEvans Premium
Well said Scott, we have all the knowledge, resources and community support to make it all possible all we need to do is add ourselves to the recipe and it becomes the total package. thanks for sharing your insights.