Each daily step compounds over time in a very positive way

Last Update: February 10, 2018

So many people get started online and wind up with dismal results. I was one of those people. There has to be a daily structure and the ability to ask questions if we still need help.

All that is found within wealthy affiliate. Each day that we log in and work on some of the training, take the action steps, get in the chat and attempt to answer somebody's question or simply encourage somebody, we have made some progress.

Each day that we do some research on relevant content, find some affiliate products and write a review with our affiliate links added throughout the post, we have made positive progress.

There will be hold ups and hang ups at times. We may sometimes end up on a given day seeming to take a step or two back because we spent so much time on a given task, but in reality we learned something that day. We can always go get in the chat or simply find a new member and send them a note of encouragement.

Sending some encouragement to somebody is never a waste of time and it can be a positive way to end a work session. In all honesty, most every work session will end up making progress if we read the text and pay attention to the videos. Then, work on our sites and finally end our work time encouraging somebody.

I call them work sessions because we do have lives away from our laptops, but the whole reason we are in the wealthy affiliate program is to be able to work when we want and work from anywhere we want.

So, we will literally be setting aside time part time while we are getting started to work on training and our sites for an hour, maybe 30 minutes, sometimes maybe just 10 minutes. I call those work sessions because we work when we can and we make some kind of progress each time we do the work.

The more time we can work, the better, especially in the beginning.

As Robert Kiyosaki has stated, what we do with our spare time dictates our wealth. That is becoming more and more huge to me as time goes on. We want to spend our time moving forward on things that will ultimately provide us with passive income.

As our passive income develops that doesn't mean that we kick back after that. We actually still need to work every day, but isn't it going to be so much better when we have passive income coming in that replaces our job income and allows us to begin to have more time freedom and financial freedom to work from home.

On that note, I would not quit a day job, or night job, until the passive income from being an affiliate marketer at least doubles your current job income for a few months straight. We need to prove that the income will be solid and we need to continue to work on our site, or sites, and add relevant content.

We might even go ahead and start another site, get it producing income, and then produce another site and rinse and repeat. Once we are skilled building websites, being efficient with our time adding relevant content with affiliate links mixed in, and the website is producing income, then we simply keep going.

So, each day of work builds on another, we become skilled and comfortable with the process, and we continue to grow and improve and reach for more as far as developing our potential. We don't every want to place a limit on ourselves and say this is all I want to accomplish.

The more we develop our potential, the more we can help others develop their potential because we can guide them better. That's where true fulfillment comes in.

Daily progress adds up over time to produce the results we want when we started.

Feel free to leave comments or questions. I'm here to learn and to help in any way possible.

With respect

Scott Moore

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Melmichelle Premium
very encouraging, thank you Scott
Louie-Gigi Premium
It's so nice to read your blog as I start my WA work this weekend. Robert Kiyosaki's quote struck a chord that what we do with our spare time dictates our wealth. Thanks for the uplifting blog. All the best to you in WA and in all areas of your life.