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Prov. 1:10 “My son, if sinners [thugs]entice you, Do not consent.” Without hesitation, reject the temptation of of those who would deceive you, or lead you astray. In the business world, there is a lot of that mess out there. 15-16 My son,do not walk in the way with them. Keep your feet from their path,Sinners will try to deceive you, and entice you into following lies. Their pathway is sinking sand. To remain on the path of wisdom, keep learning wisdom. To stay on the path of truth
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I love this place and all it has to offer. I know that after time it will show me many ways to earn income, and I plan on doing just that. However, there are times when we have to step back and maybe get a new start. My finances will not allow for me to actually move forward without draining me financially and emotionally, so in a few days I am going to downgrade for a while to see if I can save a little to help me do a little better. I will be starting a Speaker Ministry also, and that may bri
In the last few weeks I have not been able to succeed in any way in this Internet world. I am spending more money than I should be, and getting nothing in return. I love having a great website for W A, and for the future plans that I had for Inspirational speaking, but that cannot be a cost to my family time and relationships. In a day or two I may be leaving it all behind, with the exception of one Internet Business that doesn't have a cost. I love this place, and the training. I love having w
February 20, 2017
I just finished my front page for my newest calling in life. I have been working with youth for nearly 50 years, and now God has called me to the second stage of the initial calling. My first call from God was to minister to youth. Now God has called me, just before I turn 70, to take on the highways and byways as an Inspirational and motivational Speaker. It is like an extension of my life, because now I will need another 20 years to fulfill this ministry. But I have completed my front page fo
February 09, 2017
I have had three websites from the start, and I really have had a hard tome getting them in shape. Tonight I finally got my fourth one up and running. This is going to be my main site. It is My Motivational Speaker site. This is where I hope to be able to spend much of the rest of my life, out speaking to groups, organizations, teachers, and youth.I would like to hear what you think. remember, I only have my about me page, privacy page, and two articles. Please let me know, if you have time, wh
February 04, 2017
When we write a blog, using a few keywords will help to make you more attractive to Google, etc. A call to action starts a relationship between you and your clients. If you don't do a call to action, the visitor to your website may not ever to take a look at your business or offer of service, or product. A call to action will most likely result in more responses . Let me give you an example here, and I hope this is something I can do on my blog post. My call to action can allow you to help som
January 26, 2017
I havebeen reading what many members think about W A. I believe that W A is giving value to it's members. Those who take it seriously will become awesome people in the business world.I love seeing it where people compliment others. That is giving value. I am going to write a blog for my site about this tonight. whathasvalue.comErnie
"Love can help a person to accomplish something, when he might not be able to do it all alone."Encouragement gives value.Please encourage and follow my new referral: Mexilus Thanks tons,Ernie
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"Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in; it is what the customer gets out of it, and is still willing to pay for it." When the supplier places a price on a product or service based upon what he thinks it is worth in dollars, that is his error.Too often we look at a price of a product or service, and say that a product must be of good quality based upon that price. That is a customer error.