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Last Update: October 08, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.

I've been doing a gratitude journal for several years now. Each day I write the 10 things that I am most grateful for. Although I am a very positive person this exercise helps me to stay focused on what's important in my life.

What are you most grateful for today?

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jmWA Premium
From a fellow Canuck.. Born in (Simcoe/1940) raised in (Brantford) Ontario.

Had some pretty amazing winters eh?.. Often made money as a kid.. shoveling snow for the neighbors!

Nice to have a successful fellow Canadian to get some advice from, as I've only begun my Online Marketing journey.

If you've written anything (like in Word or blogs) to help shorten my learning curve, please email attachments (when you have the time) to us at . . . and/or call us . . . (313) 492-6872

Wife and I semi-retired from 50 yrs in ministry.. mostly in Salvation Army Service. Seeking to use WA learning in Affiliate Marketing, to bless our deserving family members, enjoy a better retirement, and help support urgent missions projects.

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller.. married 53 yrs this month!