Gradually Blossoming

Last Update: May 22, 2018

Two weeks ago, I was searching for an online enterpranure job. I was always jumping from one add to the other that promises wealth and so know what mean, haha!

I finally came accross one post that talked about a great community where you can get all the help and training you need to succeed. I was skeptical, but what got me intrigued was the 7day trial and being able to decide to go Premium or stay in the free zone. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into then.

My eyes was closed when I clicked the sign up button because we know how the other guys tricks us. "Click Bait"...Oh man, was I shaking! The relief that I got, when I opened my eyes and saw a User Interface where there is a lot of activity going on...Felt like a Jackpot!!!

Then the messages started coming, notifications after notifications, with beautiful community profiles and a sincere welcome message. It felt great to feel so welcome on a complete strange Interface where everyone can say "Hello".

Honestly I thought; could all these people be real?! Are they automated bots with live replies???. My skepticism set in again...boy! What if they are bots!!!. So I rememberd my go-to-motivation, "You'll never know until you try, after all what do I have to loose"...."7days free trial, cancel anytime"

I replied to a few messages to see if I was not targeted by bots...sorry!

Amazingly, I could suddenly feel my eyes widening as the replies came back with replies and so on and so on and so on!

Best decision i have ever made in online business so far. I have learned so much more in just almost 2 weeks and it is a total bliss. The trainings and interractions and activities, you name informative! I am really excited to be here and i know there is more to accomplish ahead of me.

I look forward to connecting with all of you here. Thank you all for such a great community.

Best regards,
Edmond Boateng.

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Sam-Oa Premium
Dude, your passion is very encouraging. and I really love the way you express yourself in writing. i want to be like thee when i grow up... lol. keep it up.
SirDantes Premium
Thank you my friend, I will :), and you can too.
Heyday Premium
Wow, you are an inspiration, what an engaging and incredibly powerful blog, you’re going to excel here my friend, isn’t it weird and wonderful how you feel able to call someone a friend by only reading an article that they’ve written??
Looking forward to some more of these please

Best wishes
Heyday Premium
Just checked out your profile and noticed that your only following 89 stars.
I’ve noticed that by following more (which you can do fairly quickly by clicking on the view all button of someone who has lots of followers) then you’ll get more following you back, as more people need to be reading your inspirational blog, sir!
SirDantes Premium
Thank you so much my friend, I will do that and Follow as many friends as I can. Thanks for your input

Hollshope Premium
Welcome! You're in for a wonderful adventure.
SirDantes Premium
I'm totally strapped in and ready :)