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When I started out writing stuff on my website, I really struggled! I am not a natural born writer so I have just been playing around with words, trying to find the right things to say.I currently have 6 published posts on my site and let me tell you trying to get them ranked, all of you can agree with me, it's not as easy as it looks! Getting keywords, looking for the 'low-hanging fruit', sharing your posts to get traffic, you name it!Each time I am creating a post I feel like I am writing a t
So I monetized my website around 2 weeks ago. I was pretty excited I must say.Ofcourse I knew it takes time to make money through the different affiliate programs I signed up for. So I kept creating new posts like every week.Everytime I post something on my website : I make sure I have done extensive research, slot in good keywords here and there and use the 'low hanging fruit' technique which in turn produces quality content. One of my posts got ranked on the first
I just startting to get used to this writing thing lol! I always hated writing lengthy stuff but after some time on WA, I feel I was kinda born to write hahaSo far, I have been able to go upto Course 2, Lesson 10. This means I have my own domain name as we speak and ofcourse, I have signed up for monetization!!I signed up with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates yesterday, waiting for my approval (crossing fingers). I can say It's good progress.Wealthy Affiliate has been the best community eve