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Hey everyone! So I'm in the process of adding some organization to my website, as well as content and I thought I might share a few tips for developing articles for any niche. They are as followed: 1) Research and Use Personal Experience- Of course a niche should be based on something you have an interest in, but you may also be able to gather more information on your niche to expand your own knowledge on your niche. Researching is key to becoming well-rounded and knowledgeable on your topi
Hey everyone! As you all know I just went premium. These are my reasons for why I think you should too or at least try it for the first month which is only going to be $19- for the people that are having doubts, like I was and I'm pretty sure others did at one point as well: 1) Ending the Scavenger Hunt- It is too much and I exaggerate on way toooo much information out there about internet marketing that you will go totally insane from looking around consistently. Here you can get all of that
September 17, 2013
Just wanted to let everyone know that I just finished upgrading! I'm excited to learn as much as I can about internet marketing and building my website!