Five reasons to keep dreaming big dreams

Last Update: June 05, 2015

Many times we think we should go back to being more realistic, you should dismount from the high tree on which we climbed and start making things more sensible. The fact is, who has the energy or the patience to fail again and again?

So I want to talk about this issue of great dreams from two angles, the emotional angle, and practical angle \ materially. These two angles, dreams or not goals that come true are the source of serious depression and frustration. In the practical/materials aspect, you have four excellent reasons why we must continue to dream big, no matter what.

1. Optimistic People will get more

Although numerous studies have shown us that pessimistic people predict more accurately their results from optimistic, but optimistic people, who have big dreams still achieve more. If we can overcome disappointment stemming from that we were not going with our own expectations, The optimism lead us, not only to a happier state of mind but also to better results on the ground.

2. People without a dream are tireder and have less motivation

Imagine a plane is on a course from china to Paris. The pilot finds out that his instruments are wrong and he's almost in Moscow. He's got to change direction.
The pilot changes direction, but then he realized that without engine fuel he will not be able to complete the path to the desired destination. Turn off the engines and the plane goes down.

Motivation and energy momentary -engine fuel - produced a very wide variety of things, whether it's chemicals like caffeine or situations in our environment such as loud music or inspiring speech on YouTube. Really powerful motivation and energy, that really does not end, always comes from powerful inner aspirations - from inner desire and hard to achieve something that we perceive as meaningful.

While most of us do not wake up in the morning and get out of bed with a smile (at least not for long), when we know we're on our way to our workplace or for the morning workout for no reason. If we have a real big dream which we really feel we're going to accomplish - our energy levels explode.

3. People without a dream tend to fulfill the dreams of others (and to be pissed as a result)

I'm not even talking at the moment about our careers. It is clear that in this area, if we do not know exactly what we want and where we want to go, we will probably just move forward in the best fit our boss or other people in our environment.

This happens every area of life, when our motivation is not strong dream that pulls us towards him- We will be lacking direction. Think of it this way, if you are driving and you do not have any place you need to go, all insignificant hitchhiker could easily convince you to change your route, simply because you are not really on a clear path.

4. Change can happen in an instant. What about "fuel "?

Change happen in an instant. Change that lasts, requires a commitment to change. It requires keeping the "engines" receiving fuel.

The biggest problem that I know regarding this area is that people want comfort today. People are looking for comfort anywhere. Thay eat comfort foods, drive comfort cars (even if they don't like it ) and so on. People are looking for the same convenience they got used to it over the years. People do not know what their dream, they do not know what they want to achieve and are afraid of the commitment to a particular dream

5. Fulfillment of a dream or even significant progress on the ay there - it's just a celebration.

I think this point is clear and there is no need to elaborate. When that happens, you just feel and know it.You get up in the morning with a smile on your face, you pounces on your tasks

I know my dream. Just for this reason I have decided to be here, to take risks, to do what I love to do- business training and personal growth.

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bsmith1222 Premium
Very good job- Keep up the great work!
Shoshinbal Premium
Thank you, bsmith1222, I really needed this encouragement :)
bsmith1222 Premium
Glad to help and always here if you need help! Have a great day!
Jozeph Premium
I like this post very much, I see we have much of the same training. It was lovely, easy to read, and inspires a sense of inner Peace.
Thank you Shoshin for sharing, and bringing your lovely healing energy to WA.
Christabelle Premium
This is a wonderful post Shoshinbal! One thing I have always been able to remain even in the storms is a dreamer, but I can only give credit for that to faith in God!
Shoshinbal Premium
So am I ..... And thank you :)
Christabelle Premium
You're welcome! :)
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Great blog Shoshi.
Your five reasons for dreaming big dreams are logical and to the point.
We need to dream big and stay consistently positive to achieve success.