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Day 209 with Wealthy AffiliateMy Dear Dear Friends, Just to update; I am in good health and everything's good with me. But I will be incommunicado in the Wealthy Affiliate for a while soon. Just know this is not goodbye, just need to get some personal stuff done and I'll be back before long, hopefully within 3 months. I will inform Kyle to put my membership on hold for a few months for now. Should anyone wish to get in touch with me before then......I'll certainly welcome the thought and th
On the 11th July, at 3.35pm (my time) found Slugger cold and still in the doorway of her little condo. Slugger was an exceptional little dwarf hammy. She was one of Chip and Dale's first litter so would be the oldest. She had Dale's dark colours but sweeter looking, and when just a few days old was ready to take on all comers with all four paws spread out and hissing away. She was the runt and remained small (about the size of my fourth finger) even at two months. Yet at 21 days old she help
Well my dears, I did it again! Went AWOL and MIA. But I'm Baaack!I'm so sorry to have missed replying to everyone who's sent me messages, comments and following my network. I'll get back to you real soon, I promise. I know you'll forgive me if I seem to be tardy with my replies from now as my inbox's backed up to more than 500 emails since I went MIA.The reason for my absence was to re-schedule my premium due date, as funding for my account had changed and I hadn't thought about it till I rec
10th of June 1945, A Baby Boomer was born 70 years ago today. And I woke up this morning with mixed feelings. Today, I'm officially 70 years old. You know...Threescore and ten? (sob) 25550 days on this wonderful Planet Earth that was created by God for His ONLY begotten SON.I just had a hug from old hubbie at 7.30am, then he had to return to work 360 miles away. I've still yet to get my hug from son who's still at work though he remembered to text me "Happy Birthday mum" at 6.50am while on th
01st of June 2015 is day 130 with Wealthy Affiliate. Quite a milestone in my time here, and I'm NOT going to say "and nothing to show for it"! On the contrary, I've a lot to show for it. I managed to set up 2 websites (though now in limbo for the time being on purpose), and I've extended my geek speak somewhat. Hey, a few months back I thought "filezilla" was related to godzilla! Then there's all the friends I've met and valued greatly. Reading blogs and interacting with my WA family is a
I’m a Centenarian at Wealthy Affiliate 02 May 2015Ha! I’m a Centenarian! Or do I mean a Centurian? I'm a 100 days old in the WA today. How 'bout that? Do you think I might receive a congratulatory message from a President? Oh by the way, coincidently, I’m rated as: ShirleyWoonPremiumTop 100.100 days old today in Wealthy Affiliate, and haven’t gone bonkers with all the “Geeky Jabber” being spouted by Old timers and young and old newbies alike. I'm so intimidated by the way these
I know this has nothing to do with WA lessons, but I couldn't resist sharing this report with everyone here. I've put the link below for those interested to see the actual report: Otherwise I've copied the whole report for less clicks, here it is: Lizard strikes human-like pose, playing guitar Photographer Aditya Permana was observing a forest dragon lizard in Indonesia for more than an hour before t
I won't be sharing my exciting daily activities from this day forth. But for today, I will share what I've been up to for the past 14 days. As per Kyle's advice, I took 10 days off from the training classes, and spent this time to touch base with all and any WA members in my network. What a wealth of experiences I discovered as I greeted every one of them! They're from all walks of life with their myriad of vast experiences. The young minds with age old wisdoms...and the older experienced m
Since I went Premium I found myself buried under a ton of bonuses and gifts from the Founder members and other Luminaries in Wealthy Affiliate. Then I came to the realisation that with so many freebies means one long road to learning Affiliate Marketing. OK, so I've been warned by our beloved founders and other leaders and every one else in the WA community that I'll have to work hard, but will ultimately reach the goal set out by me.... or is it for me? Working hard means hours watching videos
I have two websites under my belt anddd...nothing else! Hey... I built my first website (mobilephonetab) all on my own without any help from my Internet savvy son. Now if I can just understand how to navigate that blessed thing.... Anyhow, I was encouraged to go for Bootcamp and set up my second website, and this time with my son's help (freetolive). I want badly to promote the WA program to help many others who really needs to find this place. I shall work on it until even clueless airheads