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August 21, 2018
I just dropped by to write a quick blog that I'll be out for the next 3 months for a very important mission. I also need to earn some money in order for me to go yearly so I can save a lot.I just hope that my account won't be completely deleted because I pledged to come back. I thought of leaving Wealthy Affiliate completely but after doing research and comparison to other platforms, even in terms of web hosting, WA is still the best on the planet.I'm hoping that when I come back, I can still b
Thanks for Google fetch!
I'm astonished today seeing my blog on the first page of Google search engine.It's intended to educate social media users, especially Filipinos, not to be scammed on a lot of online opportunities flooding on Facebook. for the guides using Jaaxy for targeting keywords.I also shared my page on Facebook and I believe they checked it that's why it's now on first page.I'm very motivated and excited now to polish my website and to a
Today is my 27th day journey here at Wealthy Affiliate and so far I have learned a lot even though I'm still moving slowly but surely through the training. I'm now finishing level 2 and I'm so excited to move on to level 3.The reason why it's taking me so long to move on to the next step is because I'm a full-time customer service representative for eBay. I work 8 hours a day and at the same time doing household tasks.I'm pretty sure some WA members here might also be sellers on eBay so if you