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Last Update: April 16, 2019

As the Nights Go On

I feel as if I am getting somewhere and things seem to be going good! I am trying to write from what comes to mind as I was told in training, like I am just talking to a friend. Then I find myself over-thinking. Then proof reading and adding this and taking out that.

I am still confused as all get out. Like for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to simply add an admin photo. Then I go through media and add new and then I'm like geez Louise.

I know it has to be simple and I just can't get it. Then I think did, I miss some training? Didn't I do what Kyle said, as he said it? I did, I did!! Then I give up and go back to what I was originally doing. I also think I should be further along than I am.

I know its a process but I think my goals for myself are greater than what I can achieve. I am already only getting 4 hours of sleep max because the moment I can get here without interruptions I do .


I love the out pour of community help here through the many avenues. I love the feedback part but I feel as though I am not experenced enough yet to be giving anyone any kind of feedback. I used to manage a retail establishment for years and I could do any part of that in my sleep.

That is how I want to be here, like a piece of cake I want Ambassadorship, and not for bragging rights but for the comfort of it. To just be able to log in and answer anything here for anybody. I have seen some questions here and thought oh help him! Help him!

Then took a step back and said NO DON'T, what if your wrong ? You can't be giving out false information sending this person out on a goose chase on his own page, I don't even know what the hell I am doing!

Also in the feedback department, I love seeing someone elses work. Like what did they do? What did they create? It was an empty canvas and now WHA LA ! MASTERPIECE! It gives you more ideas to see someone elses work they did here. Incentive!

Then that in itself makes me feel like I need to GET THERE ! GO GO GO ! Oh wait,I can't even get my admin pic up !


Sticking to the training and achieving what I am instructed to do. Is exactly what I have been doing and Im trying not to bounce around when doing so and to establish good time management.

Everybody walks, runs, learns and builds at a different rate. I have to remind myself that and realize I have only been here a short time and in time with a tad bit of patience and a lot of lost sleep, I WILL GET THERE !

I won't give up! I came here to achieve this and through dedication and perservance it will happen!

I wish everyone here Best of Luck and Much Success !

I must sleep,


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Carloeze Premium
Great! You are doing good. No start nor progress is too little. Any step, no matter how small only takes you forward. Keep keeping at it. Before you know it, you are there.

And hey! to add to your writing skills, don't think about the errors at all while writing. There would be errors, just ignore it until you have put down what's in your thoughts first. Then later the edits come in. Let it flow through with the errors that very okay. Stay strong, Shelly !!
shellyss Premium
You are right something is better than nothing in almost every case! I will also try to just write and not think about the flaws first.
Thank you for the advice !! Much appreciated!
Mangwin Premium
Just keep doing what you are doing Shelly! We all found it difficult to write in the beginning but it does flow easier after some practice.

Stick to the training step-by-step and soon it will all come together.

Congratulations on your achievements so far!

Cheers, Mary-Louise
shellyss Premium
I have seen a few others websites and I feel like I have missed something along the way but I am following step by step unless I was sleeping through the training. :)
Thank you for the encouragement !
I am now changing my geeezz Louise to WELL MARY LOUISE !
Love it !
Have a great night !
Mangwin Premium
Haha! My ears are burning
Shellyss, this is so lovely and I would like to also think of you as possible my good friend and also business partner Too!....
shellyss Premium
Thank you , and thanks for reading !