Move over, excuse me, flying by!

Last Update: April 18, 2019

Moving on!

It's late and I'm back wide awake ! Still singing, CAN"T TOUCH THIS in my head. My initial goal of being here tonight was to train,train train!

DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THAT ORDER, but I am back on track and ready to dive in like Phelps in a pool!

So I just finished another training course and I'm flying by now! Gotta keep up with MY own goals for myself. Feeling pretty good, can't wait until it all comes together, where I get that OHHHHH, look what I just did ! Oh MY Goodness I can't wait for that. It's close though.

Sometimes you have to back up and take a glance from a far to get the real picture and then it all becomes clear again ! Then you sing , ITS ALL COMING BACK, ITS ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW!

I'm going ALL IN now like I got Aces in the hole! Can stay and chatter forever I'm creating stuff !!!

Much Love WA ,


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Tmgreen Premium
Keep going.. Full steam ahead!
AlexEvans Premium
Way to go, Shelly really like your enthusiasm keep it going.