What is a Brand?

Last Update: January 01, 2015

Think back to your youth, for many there have been something that you were very accomplished at doing. Maybe you displayed athleticism, or exceptional organizational skills, or you may have been a natural leader, or had a knack for repairs. Whatever your talent was, and whether you were aware of it at the time, that was your Brand. People associated you with a particular skill set. A Brand simply put is a reputation and there are three basic components to building your Brand.

Be Consistent

Your Brand may be associated with quality, but it's consistency that builds your Brand and keeps in the forefront. A Brand is like a bird feeder to a bird, once you put the seed out you need to be consistent if you want the birds to keep coming back and it's very similar in the business world. In business it's easier to get traffic than it is to keep it coming back, but it's near impossible to win back traffic you lost.

Be Persistent

Here at WA persistence is preached on a regular basis and for good reason, it takes time to build a Brand. A successful Brand, like a good reputation take times to cultivate and the person who is in for the long haul is more likely to build a superior Brand.

Show Restraint

When building your brand what you have to say is as important as how you choose to say it so filter yourself. When providing content always be professional, relevant and constructive. The quality of your content will be judged by how it helps the people you're targeting. Don't spew content for sake of filling pages, or let personal issues bleed into your business. Always remember everything you do builds your Brand and your Brand is your reputation.

Make every day count...


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SteveOlan Premium
Good Blog Shawn... I found it when research to write a post on brand building. Thanks for sharing.

RDaley Premium
well said shawn... very inspirational..
CCunningham Premium
Good information I will remember this
Shawn-1 Premium
I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment earlier. Thank you for reading my blog.

Brez Premium
As others here at WA have pointed out humor goes a long also.