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Yesterday I logged on to peek around WA (as I often do, even if not participating as much), and I had a ‘Badge’ notification! 3 Years at WA!! Seems like yesterday I joined… gads time flies!The Bumps It took me almost 5 months to get my UFD (Ugly First Draft) of my course launched. It’s up and running, but not doing much currently, and I know why, and now it’s to go in and polish it, then relaunch!! This has the Squirrels quite busy, and I haven’t had much ex
May 11, 2021
Hello again!I can't believe that it's been 6 months since I last blogged on here!So what exactly have I been doing with my time? Well, I'd like to tell you that I've been busily working away with my WA projects, but alas, the Squirrels and life had other plans!Due to health reasons, my father is now living with us, and up until recently, he was the priority. Thankfully, with some intervention by an excellent doctor, he is finally recovering and in good health again!Like most, 2020- 2021, I took
September 25, 2020
Six months ago, I mentioned that we were downsizing... holy cow!! Tomorrow is moving day!I feel like this is an 'Out of The Office' type message. LOL. With packing, moving, unpacking, and Internet not being fully functional until Tuesday, I may or may not be lingering around here the next few days.Not that I've been around much lately. With packing and posting to my sites, I have found that there aren't enough hours in a day.Oh yeah! I got a cheque from Amazon!! A whopping $2.97!! Now that's no
September 16, 2020
What am I doing up at 2:30 am on a Wednesday?As usual, sleep eludes me. It has been a hectic and productive week so far!What I've been doing may seem like simple, easy peasy stuff for those Tech people, but since I am Techno Challenged, let me tell you what I have been learning.Putting voice-overs in PowerpointCreating said PowerpointConverting it into a video (Director Squirrel)!Quite frankly, it's been a long 3 days, but oh so worth it!! Once you get going on some projects, it can be hard to
September 12, 2020
Finish this sentence:Today is beautiful because.......
September 07, 2020
Cast: Grandmonster 2.25 Dogs in residence 2 Dogs being 'dogsat.' 2 drunk Bluejays 1 drunk squirrelThe stage is set, now onto the Feature Show.Due to scheduling, we had our Grandmonster today and our dogs, plus Thing 1's dogs.Giving us 4.25 dogs in total: 2 are 80+lbs, 2 are 40lbs, and one is just above the classification of rodent. All of the above mentioned are vying for someone's attention, but mainly the child in question seems to be the chosen one.Enter ce
I wonder if Site Support knows just how wonderful they really are. I, yet again, found myself needing their assistance, not once, but twice this weekend, and within minutes all my worries drifted away!! Support was on it IMMEDIATELY!Many of us have sang the praises of those in the deep dark reaches of WA, but I they know just how grateful we are for them?Give a Cheer Out for our ever present, ever faithful Support Team!!!THANK YOU SITE SUPPORT!!Shaunna(The Techno Challenged one).
August 30, 2020
We are downsizing. From 1700 sqft to 758 sqft! The accumulation of 'stuff' is overwhelming!The things we own that have NEVER been used... I have a collection of dishes, cookware, and various kitchen items that haven't seen the light of day in years! What's up with that? (And that's just the kitchen)!!I am finding this exercise freeing as well. Getting rid of the excess has lifted a weird weight off of my shoulders. (Who knew getting rid of a blender could do that)?As we go from room to room, I
August 16, 2020
What a productive week!While I am still not comfortable in front of the camera, I've decided to 'suck it up' and get over it!My first set of videos were very serious and uncomfortable, and it showed. This week was back to the drawing board, and reproduce the content with better flow! Eight-course videos later and relaunched!Next was 'housecleaning.' Pinterest Boards can become muddy and disorganized, so this became the next project. (It's a work in progress)! This leads me to clean up one of my
August 01, 2020
Most Canadians melt at 82F, and we have been hitting around the 90F mark for a week! (30+C). My mother lost her phone (that's a whole other thing). Anyway, I realized I hadn't heard from her in a few days, and tried to call her, and then I remembered the (darn near did that sailor mouth again) phone incident!Needless to say, she's been staying with us, as her place is the resemblance of Hades and a Sauna combination. Her home was 102F at one point!I was expecting some resistance to 'maki