OneTab Extension For Chrome or Firefox

Last Update: April 24, 2018

Hi people,

I don't know about you, but i have my computer set up with 2 monitors when I'm doing my research for a new post so you can imagine i have quite a few tabs open at the same time, but the trouble with that is it's an enourmous drain on the RAM which can really slooow things down.

A way around this is to use a Chrome extension called OneTab, I'm not 100% sure on leaving a link, breaking rules and all that, but a quick Google will show you.

It claims to reduce the memory usage by 95% and i must say I've been suitably impressed with what it does so much so I currently have 81 tabs open in OneTab that i can either restore to the main browser or delete them and my RAM is running at a cool 25% whereas if i had all them open at once I'd be lucky if my mouse pointer would even move LOL.

Anyway i thought I'd share that with you and hopefully it will be of some benefit to some of you.



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viyee Premium
Hi Sharon, That is really useful. I have the same problem with so many tabs open. I must give this a try. Thanks for sharing.
sharoncl Premium
I'm sure you'll find it a big help.
IanHarvey Premium
I'll keep tabs on this one!
sharoncl Premium
Ha ha good one :)
QAVAVO Premium
I have Chrome only and performing well
Fitlife7483 Premium
Oh that sounds like what I need...My kids are always blaming me for slowing down our internet. I usually have at least 12 tabs open all the time.

Thanks for sharing this I will definitely check it out
sharoncl Premium
You're welcome, hope you'll find it useful.
LeeMcQuay Premium
I only have one monitor, but that is a huge difference. It sounds like it really helped you out,
81 tabs open at once, that is crazy.
I actually heard about a program like that on a radio station I listen to. So, I am assuming it is for those with one monitor as well.
I have a MAC and haven't even came close to that many tabs, but it does get to a point of being really slow. I just blamed it on our satellite internet.
sharoncl Premium
You can absolutely use it on a single monitor and I should really close some of them tabs :)