Do you have good note taking skills?

Last Update: July 22, 2019

Note taking skills is the one area everyone learning a new subject needs to master and very few ever do correctly.

There are many different methods for raising your note taking skills, but one way to good note taking skills is to try the different methods and work out which one is best for you, from the methods covered in the Good Grades Guide.

Be prepared for good note taking skills?

One thing you can do that will improve your note taking skills is to be prepared before the class starts. Don’t forget to review the notes from the previous days class. Have you remembered to bring your pen, pencil, highlighter and don’t forget your notebook? Be early and be prepared at the start of class with books open. Now write at the top of a brand new page the subject and date in the top right hand corner.

To raise note taking skills, pay attention

So your sitting in the class for about hour and everything the teacher writes, says or demonstrates is important! Trust me, you need to pay attention to the language your teacher uses. They will give clues to what you need to make notes on. Doing this is the best way that you can work towards getting good note taking skills. Now don’t try and write every word down, as the average teacher speaks 5 times faster than I or you can write. The Good Grade Guide will show you how you need to take the notes in the class and get the key points down.

Good note taking skills, require methods

Have you made notes and then gone back later and not been able to read your own handwriting ? In my rush to write down everything that was being said my handwriting turned into chicken scratches. Then I developed some methods. The methods I used meant that I was not trying to write down everything, just the key points the teacher was making. My better note taking skills meant that i could then read the notes later on (and trust me this is a big headache if you can’t). The Good Grades Guide covers all the common note taking methods and even some that I had never tried before. We’ll worth reading just for the note taking skills, it will save you time and stress, when your exams are approaching.

Ask questions

Asking questions are note taking skills that are not utilised by enough students. The class room or lecture theatre is a two way street the Professor of teacher is communicating new ideas to you and in return. they expect students to interrupt and ask pertinent questions. The worse thing you can do when a new idea is introduced and you don’t understand it is to say nothing. If your to embarrassed to ask in front of the class room, you can always make a note and ask the question at the end of class when you can get the teacher alone. They want you to learn and understand the subject and will welcome questions.

Review Review Review …

Its doesn’t matter what type of note taking skills you have everyone would struggle in exams, if they never looked at the notes again. So Review, Review, Review… But there is a catch you need to review in the correct way. If you plan on just reviewing the night before the exams you won’t get great results either. A great thing about the Good Grades Guide is that its covers how to take great notes and then how often you need to review those notes. These methods will without a doubt, reduce your exam stress and raise your grades. Its easy to stick to good note taking skills, If you have the right methods.

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