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So the year is off and running, and i promised myself to dedicate more time to my domain. The practices of WA has helped my B.A.M business tremendously. I really did find my marketing really bringing in foot traffic just by setting goals, and letting my audience find me. This year I will put that same focus into my Online business. My first year I harbored the thoughts of perfection,doubt, and confusion. I had the fire, but wanted everything to be perfect. Just to find out nothing is perfect ev
Hello friends of WA,Happy new year and i hope all closed out the year on a high note while preparing for the upcoming year. It's been lovely to be able to read how many have been sharing the success they've experienced in 2018. That alone should be enough for us to be motivated to make this year a special one.I was having some laptop difficulties for the past month and i wasn't able to really give the attention to my work as i planned, however that did not stop me from creating my goals, or map
About Last nightThe 7 factor "secret sauce" 60 minute webinar (turned 90 mins) was an awesome class with a lot of reassuring, and refreshing insight on running our online businesses. If you didn't get to catch it the replay will be up soon, if it already hasn't at this point in the day. If you just so happen to catch it I'm sure you were all satisfied with the outcome of attendance.As always the training here leaves a lot to takeaway, and apply to our daily routine in O.B. M!So.......The coffee
This years Thanksgiving holiday opened my eyes to the fact that I am approaching my second year here at wealthy affiliate and I couldn’t be more excited. The road to building my online presence has been pretty slow due to life’s events, but I made it a point to keep my membership active. The value of the program by far is the best I have ever encountered. I first began knowing nothing about the world of affiliate marketing to today being comfortable, confident, and prepared to becom
November 07, 2018
This morning I sign in to my account to get the news of making top 200! I wasn’t expecting that, but boy was it exciting to see! Lately the platform has been much easier for me to enjoy with my personal life coming into correction so this just puts the icing on the cake!I pledge to continue my efforts in helping those in need, to keep learning, and engaging with you all from wherever you are!Success is around the corner for ALL , and it’s great when we can help those along the way!
If you're anything like me you definitely find the value of Wealthy affiliate , and you need to find a way to keep the membership right?Some may think I'll come back later when I can afford it which is fine if your financial situation can't meet the demand.However, let's take a look at ways we can keep our membership by investigating our finances, and dedication. What we find will determine how can we, or how hard do we try to keep our business afloat!Let's take a look at spending habits!How ma
Hello Neighbors!Feels good to be able to blog once again here at WA! I have had a very tryiing summer and I haven't made much progress as i'd like with my digital properties :( but the beauty of WA is we are able to pick up where we left off. So that i am doing!It's been a while since I checked my webmaster and realized google has a more friendly interface for the user.I was able to really take a look at my sites and I was actually pleased with one and not so much with the other. While doing so
So a week ago Tony hamilton posted about Hashtagging as he has done in the past. Well this time he gave a few tips to help grow your follow list calling it instagram tips #1 was instructuion to hashtag crushingit10x because this hashtag will be hot soon.these tips are easy to use and can be implemented in any NICHE. Well i ran maybe 4 post with this hashtag and the network on instagram is growing. I hadn't had many followers as of late. But with each post and usage of the hashtagI see an incr
Not that FBI......I am talking about the Facebook interuptions! When you go on to advertise and get sucked in veiwing videos for 30-45mins! When this happens you lose time on completing daily duties!If you find this happening more than once a week you are in full siezure mode, and you will need some discipline to get out of it. Here's what you do....Post to facebook but don't engage! this will take the most strength if you're anyhting like me where I just love to CHAT! I am from the dial up er
May 18, 2018
Another school shooting 9 dead and a lot of people injured being reported by msnSanta Fe high located in Santa Fe, Texas was just under attack by another school shooting. I'm beginning to think this is being done for the purpose of fame.Feeding right into that narcistic appeal is what the reports do for the ego of some of these kids. Live each day wiith love, help one another daily, Stay focused on the adventure because tomorrow is never promised!Love all of you guys!Shannon Kamal