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Hello Neighbors!Feels good to be able to blog once again here at WA! I have had a very tryiing summer and I haven't made much progress as i'd like with my digital properties :( but the beauty of WA is we are able to pick up where we left off. So that i am doing!It's been a while since I checked my webmaster and realized google has a more friendly interface for the user.I was able to really take a look at my sites and I was actually pleased with one and not so much with the other. While doing so
So a week ago Tony hamilton posted about Hashtagging as he has done in the past. Well this time he gave a few tips to help grow your follow list calling it instagram tips #1 was instructuion to hashtag crushingit10x because this hashtag will be hot soon.these tips are easy to use and can be implemented in any NICHE. Well i ran maybe 4 post with this hashtag and the network on instagram is growing. I hadn't had many followers as of late. But with each post and usage of the hashtagI see an incr
Not that FBI......I am talking about the Facebook interuptions! When you go on to advertise and get sucked in veiwing videos for 30-45mins! When this happens you lose time on completing daily duties!If you find this happening more than once a week you are in full siezure mode, and you will need some discipline to get out of it. Here's what you do....Post to facebook but don't engage! this will take the most strength if you're anyhting like me where I just love to CHAT! I am from the dial up er
May 18, 2018
Another school shooting 9 dead and a lot of people injured being reported by msnSanta Fe high located in Santa Fe, Texas was just under attack by another school shooting. I'm beginning to think this is being done for the purpose of fame.Feeding right into that narcistic appeal is what the reports do for the ego of some of these kids. Live each day wiith love, help one another daily, Stay focused on the adventure because tomorrow is never promised!Love all of you guys!Shannon Kamal
April 27, 2018
Making my way...It's been a little over a year here and I have accomplished a lot! I have yet to reach my success goals, but my short term goals are being met as much as my life will allow so for that I am excited! The ease of picking back up in the platform is most helpful which means I can truly work at my own pace, so for that I am thankful! No steady sales yet, but because of my absence this is so! Now I get back to the live video trainings to bring me up to speed and back on track, and For
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I can't speak enough how Amazing site support is here at WA. If only next time I will start with support i can get my issues addressed right away. I realize that we all get tied up in our businesses/life so we can't possiby meet the needs of every member.That is totally understood with me so i get it and won't make a stink when i can't get help right away or correct answers.I have been dealing with what i thought were site issues as i kept getting the low 70's high 60's for mobile site speed o
Hey guys good morning or evening when/wherever you are reading this. During my research efforts I read somewhere that wealthy affiliate trains its members to give false reviews on products to entice the LOVELY, VALUABLE, platform we have here.I was taken aback at such a claim "Not my community" they are mistaken and must be a competitor sent to throw dirt.Well as I began doing a lot of my reviews on certain products I am realizing that some members may be giving that impression. Before I give a
January 19, 2018
This is probably one of the most happiest times of my life! From nothing to something I created a website built content which i am never satisfied with. But i post regardless in hopes to get better.I don't worry about rankings because I want a near perfect product/place for people to visit when they visit my property. I went from not knowing anything about websites, links, content, SEO, keywords and now i have content indexed in google. I feel like i hit the lottery! That is one goal accomplish
The connections we make here are encouraged on the premise that "the more we have following the more our content will spread" I hope i stated that correctly. With that thought in mind I realized how often I read the blogs here by the ones I follow, and become encouraged in my journey to success. Without following them i would be lost in times of isolation. It serves a purpose!Now that I realize my list of followers have grown to 500, Excited about that!the question now is how active will i be w
January 18, 2018
having issues submitting a sitemap for my website. When I put in the necessary information this is what I get in return.anyone know what’s going wrong? I checked my settings in WordPress and it says that google and bing are aware of changes. A little lost here any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance,Shannon Kamal