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February 13, 2018
Hey guys good morning or evening when/wherever you are reading this. During my research efforts I read somewhere that wealthy affiliate trains its members to give false reviews on products to entice the LOVELY, VALUABLE, platform we have here.I was taken aback at such a claim "Not my community" they are mistaken and must be a competitor sent to throw dirt.Well as I began doing a lot of my reviews on certain products I am realizing that some members may be giving that impression. Before I give a
January 19, 2018
This is probably one of the most happiest times of my life! From nothing to something I created a website built content which i am never satisfied with. But i post regardless in hopes to get better.I don't worry about rankings because I want a near perfect product/place for people to visit when they visit my property. I went from not knowing anything about websites, links, content, SEO, keywords and now i have content indexed in google. I feel like i hit the lottery! That is one goal accomplish
January 19, 2018
The connections we make here are encouraged on the premise that "the more we have following the more our content will spread" I hope i stated that correctly. With that thought in mind I realized how often I read the blogs here by the ones I follow, and become encouraged in my journey to success. Without following them i would be lost in times of isolation. It serves a purpose!Now that I realize my list of followers have grown to 500, Excited about that!the question now is how active will i be w
January 18, 2018
having issues submitting a sitemap for my website. When I put in the necessary information this is what I get in return.anyone know what’s going wrong? I checked my settings in WordPress and it says that google and bing are aware of changes. A little lost here any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance,Shannon Kamal
January 13, 2018
Certification 4 is now complete and I am more focused than ever!It was a rocky road to travel this last 6 mos but i was determined to stay the course with the drive to succeed....... And now it's DONE!!Another happy day at Wealthy affiliate,Shannon Kamal
January 12, 2018
Good morning neighbors!Just to share a few thoughts that I am learning when making referrals. When I began making referrals I would just put out my links and leave a message for those interested to click on link. Well i began getting some referrals to the program here but NO ONE was taking action. What's going on? I made 15 referrals and no one converted to a premium account to top it off no one was even filling out the bio and setting up a profile. (a few maybe)That got me to wondering if it w
January 10, 2018
Evening Neighbors of WA!I have been using the site content feature within the platform here and i must say it helps with the blocks.The ability to spell check is plus as it suggest corrections in your sentence structure. That i admire because it makes me really nail home points i'd like to make. Proofreading is a must and the site content function is way more pleasing to my eyes than the wordpress format. I plan to dig deeper with my content building with it as it is helping tremendously with w
December 24, 2017
To All that celebrate I want to take the time to say I wish you a Merry Christmas and may your day be blessed with love from family and friends!Enjoy,Shannon Kamal
December 19, 2017
Internet marketing sounds like a degree from an ivy league is required. If you so happen to find a program to get started you'll find a need for tylenol.One thing was for sure I needed to find a way to work from home and more importantly for myself. The internet is huge so where do i start? what will i do? How will i d it? After a waste of time on a few programs here or there i thought i'd never be able to achieve the dream of working from anywhere. That of course until i found wealthy affiliat
December 14, 2017
My instagram content is gaining a following allowing me great practice with my pitches and promotions. I find my content is getting better with engagement and a following. Engagement is the the most I aim for because I love social threads.I just received A top secret from my neighbor Tonyhamilton that I will put to the test TONIGHT! Now I will say I have only gained about 80 followers and my likes average between 30-40 likes per. in a month so we will see what happens with this new found secre