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July 01, 2019
DANCING! DANCING! DANCING! DANCING MACHINNNNNNNNEEEELOL Well I broke 200 club, feeling myself a little, does it bring coin but it brings satisfaction, and I can live with that. I also spent all day and night revamping the website I created, still a few little minor details here and there that needs to be added out side of keeping the post active and updated. If you have seen it feel free to check it out and leave a comment, I appereciate it. CoCoWaterVibezGOOD MORING EVERYONE IT IS MONDAY, NEW
I Joined WA January of 2017 and I couldn't tell you what happened then. Maybe it was the lack of time, the lack of patience, or the lack of time and patience. Like many of us here, we were probably led here from doing a Google search about making money online, or watching a YouTube video and then you clicked on a link. I am pretty sure I may have clicked on an affiliate link from a YouTube video or something. The thing is, if I did, at that time I was desperate to find ways to make money, quick
So, it looks like I got indexed by google. I was excited, but at the same time a realized that there is still much work to do. I went to google search and didn't find anything, so am I looking for my site or my article. Not sure what being indexed by google really means for me at this point. I know I have to add more articles, to attract my audience, and that is cool. I see that a few of us have had received the bagged within the last 24 to 48 hours. Now what's next? I think I am not alone when
So I just got to lesson 3 of level 2, and my biggest set back is over thinking. It's like I have all these ideas in my head and then when I go to do my keyword searches, and look up different words that would help draw traffic to my site, I give myself anxeity. LOL... I am a Capricorn, so by nature, we are know to over think, over analyze everything. Which can be a gift and a curse, espicially when it comes to getting the ball rolling on projects. I always noticed that I work better under press
June 22, 2019
A couple of years ago, I decided to invest in the idea of making money from home, or making money while you sleep. I mean lets face it, who doesn't want to wake up to the sound of coins jingling notifying you that you have a new deposit in your account without doing little to nothing. So I decided to do some research and, bought in to a couple of things that weren't so good and did not pay off as much if at all, and got discouraged. So I would put the idea on the back burner to revisit later, o
January 03, 2017
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am new here any suggestions or advice you have will be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to building my wealth and my business in 2017. CHEERS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!
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