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Last Update: April 05, 2019

Unexpected Surprises Motivate!

Let's face it: those of us who know enough to get around the computer but not really "tech savvy" (I raise my good arm high up there) are often surprised when we get ourselves involved in something like learning about market affiliation, website design, writing content, keyword search and then a month later see an e-mail "You've been indexed by Google!"'m happy...I think...I guess. But after seeing Kyle's and Carson's explanation about why this is important made me feel even better.

I felt accomplished something in the short time I've been here. Now mind you, some of my goals in my spare time outside the F/T job is to do (3) things here at WA:

  1. Take the trainings
  2. Blog at my dashboard 1x/week
  3. Write content at my website for one of the categories for my age group and older.

Now last week, I also started offering comments in order to gain comments / feedback to my website. Took me a while to get that going...but it's not as consistent as the (3) tasks I set out to accomplish.

But it motivates me to STAY CONSISTENT...even if it's not as many things as others do here. I am impressed and motivated by the many community members / those I follow and who follow me that have contributed trainings, articles, blogs, answer questions or put forth much interaction.

It can be off-putting for me - I will be honest with you folks. But it still MOTIVATES me to push forward.

Resources aren't enough. Are you resourceful?

Most of you know the name of this guy: DAN LOK. King of the HTC sales. An entrepreneur who has utilized social media to his great advantage - making himself known thru his brand, his image and his expertise thru videos, messages, trainings.

He is a powerful speaker, he shares his knowledge to his followers by sharing the limelight in his podcasts. Yeah, I started listening to those too during my lunch break at work. He often talks about making the most of resources: time, talents or skills, even money. It isn't enough, apparently, to make money. We all know how to make money - most of it do it by going to a JOB.

But are we resourceful with the money we make? Are we making wise choices to 'invest' money so it can generate revenue back to us? One way he did mention on how to make money online is thru market affiliation. Although he promotes HTC Sales like no other, he does mention market affiliation. I am glad he did - because the WA site is one that I am proud to invest what meager extra $$ I have to become a member.

I was resourceful enough to understand what this site can do for me in the direction I want to pursue and how I can use the training info I learn from Kyle to my advantage. Like the rest of you that want to achieve success (and probably some of you have have already attained it), understanding and making use of what you have to better yourself, improve your brand, advertise your business or achieve a specific goal to attain a high-income result is being resourceful.

Ordinary tasks can bring extraordinary results

I love watching water sports activities. I wasn't interested in actually learning it (other than free-style swimming), but I took much pleasure in observing how individuals could remain on a surfboard and pivot themselves to align with the ever-changing wave movements.

Windsurfing of one of Maui's popular beaches called Ho'okipa, was a favorite past-time of mine growing up. When one of my Dad's younger brothers used to take me and my brother out for a day at the beach, he and my brother would wind-surf.

I had an important job while they were out there getting tanned, occasionally eating sand and crashing if the wind and wave currents weren't exactly right. I guarded the food and beverages. Ok, I ate some of the food and drank the water or bottled juice while I watched with awe how they could just get on top of that wave over and over and over again.

Learning to do something well takes practice. They practiced well at honing their skills at windsurfing while I honed my skills on taste-testing to make sure the food was delicious; there was sufficient food for them and that there was enough drinks in the cooler so none of us got hydrated. My task, besides eating, was to make the lunches, have snacks and enough water/juice for the entire day.

So yes, the cooler had to be big enough to be packed properly with ice and all the other items. It had to be portable and not too heavy (though I had my brother bring it thru the sand but it was on wheels).

Whose job was more important? theirs or mine? I think mine. While it was fun to play in the sun and water and get all nice and tan (I always burned - even today, though I'm part-Hawaiian, 50+ suncreen is my BFF) - my job was to see to it that we had sufficient food and drink. Oh, did I mention I was also responsible for making sure we towels, two mats plus a couple folding chairs.

While my Uncle delegated those duties to me, he also delegated duties to my brother: carry stuff for me while my Uncle handled the equipment so he and my brother could enjoy themselves out on the water. He made sure there wasn't any problems with it and could handle being out there for hours.

Just ordinary tasks but delegated to each person to bring a positive, enjoyable results. It's kind of like what we learn here. The tasks are simple: train, learn, observe then take action.

Whether you apply these daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - test yourself. See what happens if you follow through with action and let me know what happens.

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alisterbrede Premium
Surfing in Maui sounds just the job. Now, how can we surf through
allthe teasks we need todoto get to make WA work for us?
Shalei67 Premium
Start with the basics: take the trainings. I'm still going thru them and learn new stuff every day. It's great stuff!
Babou3 Premium
Really great achievement!
I wish you a lot of success and
to make it happen.

Have a pleasant day!
JaneMahlehle Premium
Congratulations Sharon!