Phoenix Rising

Last Update: June 26, 2016

I literally feel like I am a Phoenix being reborn. This is the feeling I'm overwhelmed by from being a member of this community here at WA.

It has taken me a year to fully commit and now there is no turning back. I'm going to stay the course and see where it leads. It has got to be better than slaving for someone else the rest of my life.

I'm not able to pursue this full-time at the moment but I know with a little hard work and a lot of dedication I will succeed.

For all those just getting here WELCOME and CONGRATS. I know it can be overwhelming when starting something new. My advice is to not rush it and stay down(dedicated) that's the only way to come up (succeed).

Peace and blessings Family,

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JudeP Premium
Step by step :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
Only way to go is up, Best wishes
betcha Premium
Yeah, a little bit of consistent work will definitely make you rise. You are now in a heraldic position to make it to the top! So, go for it, Lamont!