Empire Building.

Last Update: November 29, 2017

My current project has a great deal of passion tied up in it and as such I am determined to make it succeed, however I have always worried just how much income was possible.

I've messed with spreadsheets and calculations to the point of distraction and the figures were only ever good full time income at the most.

However last night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and in a half asleep half awake semi dream state, it all came to me how I can turn the idea from a small scale into a full scale corporation level business.

It would be long hard road, and possibly completely unrealistic, but It's great to have the clarity of vision to see where the company "could" go.

But first ...more content, I have a lot of competition to smash

Annoyingly to get to that level I would need a URL, that is no longer available...

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MKearns Premium
4 AM epiphanies can build miracles Stephen. What a great wake up!
JLennon Premium
It's amazing how our mind can work things out for us when we sleep. Clarity of vision gives you a framework to pursue your mission. Things like unavailable URLs are obstacles, not dead ends.
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yeah the Url is not a show stopper, it's an annoyance, simply means I will have to pay someone more than I would want, they are not using it and it's up for auction. with zero interest so it's not valuable.

To be honest, I could do without it, It's a set of URL's I need and this is the least important but a kind of central piece to the puzzle lol

It's a LONG way till it's a problem though.