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January 24, 2021
These are Rays of Hope and Success for All who enter this Pleasure Dome of Wealthy Afiliates ! → D.J. Scotty B ♫ Rock on !
Hi all of W.A. ! I was just about to take a nap when I checked my Email and Grace(little mama) had a reminder email about the Yearly $299.00 deal. Final hours are Today. I don't have any business charging it on my Best Buy card with so much interest But I Did It !!! Well, I did it and that's that. I Feel it was a Good move. Grace Saved Me !! My site is still coming along. I am Hopeful this Health site, as Competitive as it is, will s
Earned my New Dedication Badge. Whoooo Hoooooo !!! Scoty B ♫
How long have You been here ? The Time doesn't matter. It is the Journey. If You have made snail-like progress OR exceptional lightning speed breakthroughs, I Have News. Remember this for your Lifetime. "The race is not always to the swift but for those who→ keep on running !" Those are the true winners. If you tried at something for a couple times and failed would you quit ? Some do. How about an unheard thousand times Failed ? Most do. Thomas Edison with the Electr
January 01, 2017
Made an accomplishment badge of great engagement with my websites and contributing here at W.A..................Scotty B ♫
→→ Well Gang I finally 'done it'. Premium is here and I saved almost $ 200.00 ! This will be a short blog but I am very happy I did. Been here 4 years enough to know the benefits of this business concept to take the plunge. Takes me a little longer than most but staying power will pay off. I just know it. All I can say is Keep At It. Just SayinSayin....................Scotty B ♫ Weeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Whoo Hoooooo !
August 07, 2015
Can you search specific topics here in Activity for comments and questions ?
A Song for us !! ♫
My Asteria Theme needs to have a place for comments on my first page. I'd like to either make 2 columns frorm just the one main one existing now OR place some type of area at the bottom for comments ? Thoughts ? OR Scotty B
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